If you are looking for furniture hardware manufacturers in China for telescopic rails, from IBMHCORP we recommend to all our international customers the best furniture hardware factories in China.

At IBMH the hardware of China achieves all the premium features that make these slides a hardware with really exceptional characteristics at a technical and functional level. The slow-closing telescopic sliding rails that from IBMHCORP we recommend to all our international clients with 3 Ball Bearing per inch. This certainly gives them greater softness, greater stability and above all a much greater useful life compared to conventional rails that usually contain 1 or 2 Ball Bearing per inch.

There are very particular technical details of these Chinese hardware, such as the telescopic rails which do not have a strictly square shape in their upper and lower parts. These have a small concavity in its interior so that the ball bearing can move harmoniously and guided by this concavity, which confers to the overall set of the hardware a smoothness in the glide.

With regard to the soft closing system, it is very important that furniture hardware factories in China provide the PIN for the metal brake, and not made of plastic as the vast majority of telescopic slides manufactured in China, the plastic is very easy to break or deform, causing the system to stop working immediately.

In addition, from the furniture hardware factories in China with which IBMHCORP works, we have helped to develop different soft closures suitable for each length of the slide, since the dynamic load that has a drawer with 300 mm deep is not the same as the one with a depth of 500 mm. You have to keep in mind that if, for example, a 300 mm slide will use the same soft-closing system as one 500 mm, it would cause that the force to open the 300 mm slide would be very high, as the piston would be too strong; and on the other hand, if the 500 mm slider used the soft-closing system to the 300 mm slide, the 500 mm slide would not have the necessary force to stop the drawer when closing.

This important technical difference happens in very few hardware factories in China, which are capable of having this control at the production time. Therefore, from IBMHCORP, we only recommend those Chinese hardware factories that are able to manufacture and control these important details at technical level, because they are the details that makes you make the difference; it is not only important the price in this type of hardware, where the functionality and the perception of the final customer must reward above all.