Are you trying to learn Chinese to improve your negotiations in China? We help you with some really useful tools, with which you will be able to communicate better with your furniture hardware manufacturer in China.

People who learn Chinese and other “unusual” languages (i.e., non-European), significantly improve by incorporating the use of specific software into their learning routine for their negotiations with a manufacturer of furniture hardware in China. Here are some of the most popular software tools to learn Chinese: 

Efficiency and simplicity: Anki

This is a fully customizable and powerful flash cards program for advanced users. It is also free and multi-platform (it can be used in Linux and Android). It synchronizes between devices and it is easy to import and export data with it. Improve your purchasing management in China with Anki.

Improve the learning of Chinese characters: Skritter

Skritter is a kind of “automated version” of Anki to learn Chinese characters. This program allows you to practice writing Chinese characters, so that you can communicate better with your furniture hardware manufacturer in China, while keeping track of all your learning about thousands of characters. It helps you improve the pronunciation and offers shared mnemonics tricks in the community to improve your levels of analysis and quality in China.

An Essential Dictionary: Pleco

Pleco is an application for Android and iOS that allows access to data of all types of dictionaries (it comes with the free CEDICT dictionary pre-installed, but you can pay for other dictionaries, like the Chinese Oxford Dictionary or the Guifan Chinese-Chinese Dictionary).

It also contains audio recordings for individual words, handwriting recognition and an integrated flashcards system.