Spring cabinet support, new launch of IBMH

At IBMH today we let you know the spring cabinet support that you can import from this moment through our professional management. It is the door lifter that works as a mechanism for kitchen or living room cabinet. Do you know what are the technical characteristics of this furniture hardware? Read on to discover all its advantages.

The new and improved spring cabinet support model for cabinet doors

It is a novel product, a spring support, in which its performance has been improved which makes it much more satisfactory for the end customer. As well as an advantage for your business to incorporate it into your hardware catalog by the hand of IBMH.

Thanks to this spring cabinet support hardware, an easy, practical, and noise-free cabinet opening effect is achieved. You can comfortably reach all the objects stored inside. Designed with high quality materials to meet the challenge of giving the perfect finish to multifunctional furniture that adapts to the current lifestyle.

Ease of assembly and resistance are some of its advantages

The spring cabinet support for kitchen furniture as hardware for furniture doors have all these advantages:

  • The free stop lifting system is very easy to install in the cabinet. So much so that it will hardly be necessary to follow the instruction manual.
  • Stable fastening and great firmness.
  • The thrust force can be easily adjusted using just one screwdriver.
  • On the other hand, it should be noted that the door can be stopped in any position between the opening angles of 40º to 100º.
  • If it is located at an angle of less than 40º the door closes automatically smoothly and without hitting.
  • The aesthetics of this opening system have been significantly improved. Thus achieving greater elegance in the furniture in which it is going to be installed.


 Technical characteristics of the spring cabinet support

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Lifting hardware, also known as spring support, pistons support or lifting mechanic, have the following technical aspects:

  1. The spring cabinet support is a hardware available for wooden and aluminum framed liftable doors.
  2. It has an angular plate to fix on lifting wooden doors, as well as on aluminum frames from 45 mm.
  3. Support made of zamak and finished in silver nickel.
  4. Brackets and screw plates made of the highest steel quality.
  5. Possibility of mounting applicable to the right and left. No tools by clip system and in the pre-assembled screw-on bracket. It is recommended to install a system for cabinets of width less than 600 mm, being the cabinet of greater dimension. In turn, the use of two pieces is advised, one on each side of the cabinet.
  6. The fastening bars-caps of the spring cabinet support are designed to absorb the sharp fall during the free opening of the doors.
  7. Hi-Tech electroplating treatment that manages to obtain a perfect surface.
  8. You can regulate the speed of lowering the door by means of a screw. To improve the soft closing function, it is recommended to combine the installation with soft-closing hinges.
  9. It has a duration of more than 50,000 closing and opening cycles.


If you want to incorporate the new spring cabinet support into your hardware catalog, you can count on IBMH. You will make all your hardware imports from China safe and profitable. Contact us today and we’ll start working for your business!