New addition to the IBMH Purchasing Department: Welcome to Sivien Xie

The main function of IBMH Purchasing Department is the processing and tracking of orders with the factory. Once the product specifications have been collected, this department is responsible for monitoring throughout the production process. Thus verifying that each and every one of these specifications is met and within the agreed delivery times. That is why, for us, it is so important to have highly qualified personnel. As Sivien, our new addition to the Purchasing Department.

Welcome, Sivien! We are sure that you will contribute a lot to the IBMH team!

Let’s get to know Sivien a little better

So you can get to know our team better, today we present Sivien, our newest addition to IBMH Purchasing Department.

For IBMH our main added value is the team. A multidisciplinary team of professionals capable of facing any task or challenge is always a guarantee of success for any company.

And what does Sivien have to tell us about her work experience, attitude and ambitions?

Sivien’s specialty is foreign trade. And she is an expert in negotiation, a field in which she has extensive experience. She worked as a commercial sales representative since 2014 always with the responsibility of giving the best service to customers throughout the process, from the reception of orders, to the final transaction.

She understands that having the right attitudes for this job is critical. And without a doubt, it is something that marks the way to get great achievements.

On the more personal side, when we have talked about her hobbies, she has not been able to stop smiling when she says that her favorite hobby is singing and listening to music, classical and popular songs because, as she tells us, she has the great power to improve emotions and relieve stress.

Sivien becomes part of the IBMH Purchasing Department and has told us a lot of things!

IBMH: Welcome to the team, Sivien! What are your first impressions as a new member of IBMH Purchasing Department?

Sivien: As a first impression I would like to say that this new stage is full of challenges that we surely overcome by far. The work process is methodical, and the team is perfectly organized to always give answers in record time. I am learning a lot, every day, about the products that IBMH imports from China for its clients with total guarantee of success and to identify the best business partners, thanks to the great experience that the people who make up the IBMH team have in the furniture and construction hardware sector.

IBMH: What will be your main functions within the IBMH purchasing team?

Sivien: One of my main functions will be to manage orders, from resolving the different queries, confirming the details of the order, and negotiating with suppliers, to monitoring the status of production, to keeping the customer informed through the sales team.

What Sivien has to tell us about our company

IBMH: Did you know IBMH and the work we do?

Sivien: To be honest, I didn’t know IBMH before.

After my first interview, I researched the network to learn more. I found out that it is the leading company in China’s hardware import management sector. I was also able to observe through the various communication tools they use that it is a company with an open mind to innovation. IBMH is very committed to excellence. In addition, something that for me influenced a lot in my desire to be part of the team, was to see that it enjoyed an excellent reputation around the world. And for me, personally, that’s something I really value!

IBMH: And what attracted you most about working in the IBMH Purchasing Department?

Sivien: I think it’s a good opportunity for me, a key link on which to continue charting my professional career. At IBMH you immediately feel the team spirit: all departments have a clear objective that makes the work effective, that the client feels satisfied.

In addition, the work ethic is respected a lot, here everyone believes in the importance of their work and in the need to work side by side with the other members of the team.

IBMH: What will your experience, qualities and skills bring to this IBMH Purchasing Department?

Sivien: Thanks to my experience in foreign trade lines, I know how to give the right answers that our customers always need. I am prepared to deal with difficult problems that may arise, organize all the necessary shipments documentation… but I firmly believe I am fully qualified for this job and… I will give my best to the team!

This is how Sivien sees the future of the hardware industry

IBMH: What is your opinion on the future of the hardware industry in China?

Sivien: In my opinion, I think the hardware industry in China will diversify. The level will be higher and higher, and customers will demand more and more quality. With the right measures, this sector will continue to grow enormously.


Thank you Sivien, we can only say that we are delighted that you are part of our Purchasing Department. It is a pleasure to have professionals like you.

We wish you every success in your new stint at IBMH!