Medieval Style Table Legs: Import Them from China with IBMH

The extensive range of medieval style table legs is IBMH’s new featured product. A hardware that you can already incorporate into your catalog to benefit from all the advantages that we detail below. In total there are 54 table hardware, all of them different, which give great versatility when installed in a wide variety of furniture. And if IBMH manages your imports from China for you, you will get a lot of profitability!

Discover IBMH’s medieval style table legs and why it’s our new featured product

The wide range of table components, furniture and table legs of modern style, but with a medieval touch of mid-century design. They have been designed for use in a wide variety of applications such as furniture and tables.

In other words, the adjustable table legs are designed for both indoors and outdoors: desks, benches, a table for the terrace and even a table where family or friends gather to enjoy a pleasant evening. And they have been elaborated following the highest quality standards of IBMH. 

The 4 models of table legs and all their variants

We can divide the range of medieval style table legs into the following 4 models, in which all its variants are included:

  1. Standard 10mm diameter solid steel bar.
  2. Standard 12mm diameter solid steel bar.
  3. Reinforced 10 mm diameter solid steel bar.
  4. Reinforced 12 mm diameter solid steel bar.

All these models are available in 13 different heights ranging from 102 to 710 mm.

Additionally, we can manage the purchase of a reinforced foot model of hollow steel bar of 10 mm diameter in heights of 406 and 710 mm.

The technical characteristics of classic-looking table legs

Regarding the technical characteristics of this furniture hardware that you can import from China with total guarantee with IBMH, surely you are interested in knowing:

  • The table legs are made of solid steel bar and hollow steel. Of great resistance and of the highest quality.
  • All models of kitchen legs are mounted by resistance welding on a plate of 110×110 mm and with a thickness of 3 mm.
  • This plate has 5 holes correctly distributed. In this way you only have to indicate the location with which to make a quick assembly. It is for this reason that it is included in the DIY category.
  • The legs can be adjusted to any surface to create a design to the end customer’s choice.
  • These China table hardware have an excellent black powder coating finish. This guarantees greater resistance to external aggressions.
  • All models of table legs include protectors to prevent possible scratches on the floor.


The table legs become an ideal furniture hardware due to their design and high quality. If you also want to add it to your catalog today and that IBMH also takes care of all your imports of furniture and construction hardware from China, all you have to do is contact us. We are waiting for you!