Sales Psychology: How the Subconscious Influences Decisions

The image that a consumer has of a company, based on experiences or references, can be decisive for the purchase process. However, not everything is objective. The subconscious, the subjective perception of emotions or feelings, is also key in decision-making. So much so that many experts talk about the psychology of sales.

What is sales psychology and what does it study?

Faced with two companies that offer similar products, what leads a consumer to choose one and not the other? The sales psychology explains that, when deciding, clicking on the buy button, or using a specific service, not only rational thinking intervenes. The human being is also carried away by his emotions, perceptions, and intuition. In other words, the subconscious also plays a key role in sales processes.

And aspects as simple as attention, emotion and memory have a great influence on decisions. Consumers will not only look at the description of a product, its price, or its usefulness, they will also let themselves be conditioned, without hardly realizing what the less rational part of their mind tells them.

Keys to success according to the sales psychology

In addition to trying to convince the potential customer with the offer of the best products or services at competitive prices, to meet the needs and suggestions of users, with strategies designed expressly to appeal to the conscious mind, it is also necessary to draw up a plan to positively influence the subconscious of customers. And, according to sales psychology techniques, here’s how:

+ Active listening

Listening to the current or potential customer is not only useful to meet their needs or address their suggestions. It is also relevant to know their motivations and interests. To identify emotions and their experiences.

+ Commitment to storytelling

There is no better complement to active listening than storytelling. Creating close stories, with real cases. Or even talking about our own experience will make the consumer’s subconscious see that we are on their side.

+ Demonstrations are also key

If your product is a solution to the problem or customer need, why focus only on technical descriptions? According to sales psychology, showing how the product in question is used, for example, through a video, will prompt the receiver to action.

+ Sell benefits and not just products or services

The benefits of acquiring a product or service besides being rational are emotional. And for that we must ensure that the user sees us as a close brand. Of quality, pleasant and with a philosophy and values like yours.

+ What does what you sell contribute?

A solution to a need, but it must also provide well-being, security, tranquility, and satisfaction. In this sense, real customer testimonials have a very good effect. Knowing that this is something that is already benefiting other users increases interest.

What do you think of sales psychology strategies? Do you use them in your company?

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