New IBMH featured product: Swing Hinges

On this occasion we are pleased to present you a new hardware. This is an excellent swing hinge. A hidden rotating hinge that adapts to swing doors of different characteristics. Why has it become our new featured product? And what benefits would you get by incorporating it into your hardware catalog thanks to our professional management? Let’s find out!

Swing Hinge: Pivot for wooden doors

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The swing hinge, also known as hidden pivots, instead of being installed on the side of the door, they are easily mounted on the top and bottom. In this way, the pivoting door rotates on a vertical axis and its movement is visually very different from that of a normal hinged door.

When the hinge is placed 100mm (4″) from the side of the door, this length creates a kind of ‘tail’ of the pivoting door. This tail will move inward in the case of a door that opens outwards, and outwards if it is a door that opens inwards. Thus, achieving a unique aesthetic value and a contemporary appearance.

The technical characteristics of IBMH’s new hardware

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Of the technical characteristics of the bibel or swing hinge for doors it is worth mentioning the following:

  • It is a hardware, a swing hinge for doors, made of stainless steel of the best quality. Thanks to this material, oxidation is easily avoided over time.
  • It has a large load capacity of up to 80 kg.
  • It is intended for doors of 35 mm thickness without height limit.
  • The spherical hinge bracket is highly resistant to wear and tear.
  • And its rotation is 360°. Which allows an indifferent use of the door to left or right.


The advantages of incorporating the swing hinge into your catalog

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Its advantages include:

  1. It is a hinge or bibel with soft closure for easy installation and maintenance.
  2. Designed to adapt to the style and characteristics of any swing, pivoting or revolving door.
  3. It is an effective hardware that allows the correct opening of the door to the left or right side. Allows you to open the door in both directions with the return to the starting point.
  4. An ideal solution for doors of companies, hospitals, and small and medium businesses as it avoids unnecessary noise and provides a unique design and style.
  5. Thanks to its quality and performance it will be very easy to avoid possible interference in the operation.
  6. In turn, its stainless-steel material will prevent wear or corrosion typical of use and the passage of time.

If you want more information about the swing hinges or about any other hardware to incorporate into your catalog, contact us today and we will give you all the details. Let IBMH take care of all your imports of furniture and construction hardware from China, and you will see how the profitability of your purchases increases.