How to perform a good assessment of your team's performance

Thanks to a correct assessment of the performance of the team we will be able to identify and classify the profile of each employee. In turn, we will be able to improve the performance as well as the results that will make the company grow. Here are the steps to follow and the tips to consider when conducting these types of assessments.

How to do a team’s performance assessment

In order to effectively and fully evaluate all employees or a team, it is necessary to address the task from a perspective in which all areas are addressed in order to detect the strengths and weaknesses of workers and, therefore, the company. The objective is to implement improvements and solutions in each case:

  • Productivity in the performance of the work.
  • Efficiency and compliance with deadlines.
  • Continuous training.
  • Achievements, successes and objectives achieved.
  • Communication, attitude and commitment.


Based on this premise, we will begin the evaluation on these points:

1 Measuring targets

To begin with the assessment of the team’s work performance, we will pay attention to the objectives that have been set at the origin. Have they been reached? If not, what should be improved? Has the team done their best? Have you really been involved in achieving these objectives? Answering questions of this kind will be the first point of the evaluation that we will carry out. And, by the way, it will be the basis for setting new goals.

2 Productivity and quality of work

Productivity means the amount of work an employee does during a workday. To try to incentivize productivity we will have a template where writing down the work performance, time spent, tools and observations of the worker.

Productivity and quality in performance assessment. The second one should not be harmed by increasing the first one. The quality of the work produced can be somewhat subjective. However, it can also be measured based on results, customer reviews or the final product.

3 Efficiency

When we talk about efficiency, we talk about maximizing productivity always with minimal effort or spending. The efficient worker can perform his work within the working day, without exceeding the resources and always meeting the objectives and quality standards.

4 Training

Another factor to consider in the evaluation of job performance refers to training acquired by employees. Continuous training for greater professional growth that will translate into the growth of the company itself. Thanks to this part of the evaluation we will be able to determine the training areas of the employees in which it is worth investing resources.

5 Assessment of team’s and worker’s performance

Once we have evaluated the entire team and developed the areas that interest us, we will move on to doing the same with each team member individually. It would be a mistake to generalize and, for example, to say that the quality of everyone’s work is the same.

Other things to consider when conducting a good assessment of your team’s performance

In addition to what has already been said, we will also consider the following aspects:

  • We will set the objectives of the assessment and add specific points of each team or worker that need to be analyzed.
  • The frequency of assessments should not be too much or too little. Evaluating from time to time will be key to detecting behaviors to be corrected in time. But if we do it too often, we could risk a loss of trust from the team.
  • Who evaluates who? We will determine whether the assessment is conducted by the Human Resources department, the management team, or the employees themselves who evaluate their peers.
  • Feedback and communication always and throughout the process. It is key to make the assessment as complete as possible.

Conducting a good assessment of your team’s performance can be helpful for your business to achieve the goals set.

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