Discover the advantages of the Cutlery Tray and Drawer Organizers

We present to you our different models of cutlery tray of the highest quality made of high strength ABS plastic with drawer organizers. Why are they so special and unique? Because IBMH’s Cutlery Tray and Drawer Organizers offers the ability to position according to the needs of the end customer. But this is not the only thing you need to know about our new flagship product, here we tell you everything!

How the Cutlery Trays and Drawer Organizers are

Cubertero Combinable con separadores Móviles IBMH

At IBMH, we know, just like you, that customers, whether individuals or businesses, are looking for products that make their lives easier. To help them organize the utensils and, at the same time, allow them to save space. That is why at IBMH we manage the purchase in China of hardware like the one we show you here: the cutlery trays. The wide variety of these trays are just what you were looking for to include in your imports.

Cutlery trays and drawer organizers, that you can also find it with the names of drawer inserts, dishware box, utensil dividers, dish racks and cutlery dividers, have an insertion model suitable for any drawer of the furniture or cabinet of the kitchen.

It is so practical that storing and organizing cutlery and utensils inside a drawer will be a children’s game.

Technical details of the combinable bucket with IBMH mobile separators

Among the technical characteristics of this product that, without a doubt, you will want to incorporate into your hardware catalog because of the many advantages that this would entail for your business, we must tell you that:

  1. It is made of ABS 2.5mm thick.
  2. The preformed part is 50mm deep.
  3. Both its material and finish provide high strength as well as great durability.
  4. The models of the cutlery trays easily fit drawers from 400 to 900 mm wide. They can be configured according to the needs of each kitchen.


The advantages of cutlery trays for kitchen furniture

Let’s take a look at the advantages of this type of cutlery tray and drawer organizers:

  • It has a special resistance surface against scratches. It couldn’t be damaged. Not even if it was cut with scissors or a sharp knife.
  • It is the ideal accessory to store and organize cutlery in a modern or traditional kitchen. Thus, avoiding clutter and wasted spaces.
  • They can be installed in the kitchen. But they are also designed for different businesses and offices as their drawer organizers can be adjusted on demand. You can have everything perfectly organized: knives, spoons and other kitchen objects of similar sizes.
  • The cutlery tray and drawer organizers are hardware that is easy to install and maintain. Cleaning it will be effortless.


Importing furniture and construction hardware from China with IBMH, as well as being very easy, is the best thing you can do for your business to succeed and for your sales to increase. At IBMH we take care of your order from the beginning. We work only with the best suppliers. We carry out the most comprehensive quality controls and make sure that the hardware arrives, without defects, at destination. Contact us today!