Stainless-steel cutlery tray, knows all its advantages

This time we come to introduce you to our new flagship product: the stainless-steel cutlery tray, which you can import from China at any time through IBMH professional management. The different models are designed to meet the needs of both modern and traditional kitchens.

At IBMH we know that comfort and functionality are essential requirements for today’s kitchens. That’s why we focus on practical hardware, like the one we present here, especially requested in the kitchen to facilitate daily work processes. The wide range of removable tray hardware will be perfect for incorporating into your catalog thanks to IBMH.

How is the storage system provided by these trays?

The internal division system that provides the stainless-steel cutlery tray that you can now import with IBMH, provides the necessary order that any kitchen demands in order to adapt to the current pace of life.

The items, as well as the utensils, are perfectly organized inside. In addition, it makes it easy to access them comfortably.

 The features of the Stainless-Steel Cutlery Tray

There are several models designed to easily fit kitchen furniture from 400 to 550 mm wide. In addition, they have the great advantage of being configured based on the specific needs of each kitchen.

Thanks to this hardware, any home, business or office that has the need to organize properly cutlery and other utensils and kitchen objects, will be able to do it comfortably and easily.

The utilities of this new product and the materials in which it is designed

Bandeja para cubiertos

It has one or several dividers made of plastic of the highest quality. Each tray can be adjusted and split as desired and according to the needs of the space in which it will be located so that everything is perfectly organized and to make the most of the available space.

One peculiarity to note from this cutlery tray is that it can be manufactured with stainless steels of different qualities. Our recommendation is to order at least one SS201 or SS304 steel. Its nickel content will be enough to ensure a long service life of the product without corrosion problems. A small note: it is advised not to remove the protective plastic until the product reaches the end customer.

And it’s also very easy to clean!

Another advantage of this hardware that we cannot overlook is its easy cleaning. The stainless-steel buckets in this cutlery tray are very easy to clean. As much as they have been soiled by everyday use, passing a damp cloth will be enough to keep it clean as new. Detachable trays are also suitable for washing in the dishwasher.

At IBMH we do not take care of the product from the beginning. We make sure that you work with the best materials of the highest quality, only with the best suppliers. We take care of the entire manufacturing process until final delivery. Contact us today and we will tell you everything we can do to increase the profitability of your imports of furniture hardware from China.