Challenges in the 2021 marketing strategy for hardware businesses

We’re starting a new year! Time for many businesses to finish adjusting their marketing strategy and stock plan to publicize their products and services. A marketing plan in which it is already impossible to bypass the use of digital tools. That’s why you’re interested in learning about new challenges and opportunities in the field of digital marketing to make your strategy a success. We’ll tell you!

Challenges to achieve with your marketing strategy, what does 2021 bring us?

There are several points that companies should focus on. B2Bs should take into account the following points in order to continue to move forward to get success:

1 Digitalization strategy for industrial business

The first challenge within any marketing strategy for 2021 for industrial business or B2B is digitization. Digitization becomes the keyword. Firstly, because it’s essential to have that presence in an increasingly connected world. Secondly, because our customers are there. Thirdly, because before a purchase a lot of information is demanded, and this is much easier to provide through digital media. And, fourthly, because thanks to digitization we will be able to reach more customers and generate more leads.

At this point we also cannot forget about purchases through mobile. Digital marketing strategy should include having a responsive design. The website will be perfectly adapted to be clearly viewed from this device.

2 Customer experience

When we talk about customer experience, we mean a customer’s shopping experience. This begins with the website or application that the user accesses to find relevant information to meet their needs. Taking care of the shopping experience also means sharing valuable information, building trust, providing closeness, and reducing waiting time.

3 Social networks to win engaging with users

Generating authentic interactions and connections with users will be another point to include in the 2021 marketing strategy. To do this, you must have an active presence on social networks. Especially now that physical distancing makes us even more stay connected through our devices.

More and more customers spend part of their time on social media looking for products of interest to them. Therefore, the next challenge would be to be on social media as planned in a strategy specially designed for it. Strategically choosing where we’re going to be. For what purpose. What we are going to communicate. What the editorial plan for such communications is. And, of course, responding to all interactions.

4 Segmentation and differentiation

It’s not sold massively anymore. Selling more is the goal, yes, but to achieve this, you must rely on segmentation and hyper personalization. Just like if you were talking about yourself.

It’s not easy. Especially if we consider that, most likely, we will not be the only ones that we aim to sell to that same niche market. This leads to differentiation. Having a successful differentiation strategy will help us to position the name of the business in front of the rest.

5 Voice searches

It’s important to appear in Google’s first organic search results. It is basic within any marketing strategy. And in 2021 it will become just as important to also appear in voice search results. The content of our website should be focused on answering the questions that users ask by voice related to our brand. The information must fit perfectly with the intention of such a search.

Here are some of the challenges to consider when defining the digital marketing strategy for 2021. And so that hardware companies like yours can continue to grow, we recommend having IBMH’s professional management. Thanks to our extensive experience of more than 25 years and knowledge of the sector, we can proudly say that we are the best partner for those looking to increase the profitability of their imports of furniture hardware and construction from China. Do not hesitate, contact us today! And we’ll tell you everything we can do for your business.