New addition at IBMH

Today, we want to introduce Sandy Wong, our new addition at IBMH, an excellent former employee who is joining our team again with lots of energy and commitment to give the best Sourcing service to our clients in the hardware industry. Welcome back, Sandy Wong!

As you know, at IBMH we choose to work with a multidisciplinary team of professionals capable of improving each project for our clients in the hardware industry. And now, Sandy Wong will be an excellent Sourcing Officer responsible for doing just that.

Want to know a bit more about Sandy Wong, our new addition at IBMH, and see everything she has to offer? Let’s get started!

Who is Sandy Wong?

Sandy Wong was one of the first workers we had at IBMH 4 years ago. She decided to leave the company when she became pregnant, and now that her child has grown, she wanted to join us again, which makes us very proud.

The good work environment and high level of professionalism that exists at IBMH is what makes it possible for people like Sandy, who had the chance to live this professional experience with us in the past, to return to the company that gave them the opportunity to develop professionally in a way that’s different from other companies in the hardware industry.

She studied international commerce and has ample professional experience in purchasing. Her main hobbies include reading books and watching movies with friends and loved ones.

New addition at IBMH: Ready to offer the best service to our clients in the hardware industry

IBMH: Welcome to the IBMH Sourcing Department, Sandy! What are your first impressions about your new position on the commercial team?

Sandy Wong: I’d define it in just one word: enthusiasm.

IBMH: What are your main functions within the IBMH Sourcing Department?

Sandy Wong: The main function will be communication. Working on that to find the ideal manufacturer for each purchase request sent by our clients with hardware businesses.

IBMH: You worked at IBMH several years ago. Has it changed a lot since the last time you worked here?

Sandy Wong: As a company, IBMH has improved in the last few years in practically every department. At IBMH, constructive criticism and suggestions from clients are always well-received. It’s still a company with an internal process of constant improvement. I suppose that’s one of the keys to its success, of course!

Your first impression…

IBMH: What was most attractive to you about working for IBMH?

Sandy Wong: The team. The people who make up the different departments of the company are true professionals, really unique, with deep knowledge of their work, and on top of that they’re honest, hard-working people. It’s worth it to work with them!

IBMH: What do you think you’ll be able to add to the Sourcing team?

Sandy Wong: Constant communication with our suppliers to guarantee good service.

IBMH: How will you contribute to providing the best service to our clients in the furniture hardware industry in your new position?

Sandy Wong: Providing clients in the hardware industry with the best price and service is something that is achieved with hard work and thanks to the high degree of specialization of each of the different departments in the company.

What the future holds…

IBMH: What is your personal opinion about the future of the hardware industry in China?

Sandy Wong: It’s increasingly clear that price won’t be the only consideration for clients who import hardware from China. Quality and service will be the most important aspects in the future.

Thanks so much for everything, Sandy Wong! We’re convinced that this new addition at IBMH will be a great asset to offer the best Sourcing service to our clients in the hardware industry. We’re very happy to have you back, Sandy, and we hope it’s for a long time. We wish you the best of luck in this new chapter of your professional life!