The 11 most in-demand business skills today

A team member, leader or manager, with knowledge of languages, digital skills, or a high organizational capacity can make a big difference. That’s why these kinds of business skills, known as hard skills and soft skills, are one of the most in-demand today.

 Hard skills, which are the most valued?

What do we mean by hard skills? Hard skills are defined as the knowledge acquired through educational training and professional experience. This is summed up in several capabilities that enable a company’s members to do their jobs. Currently the most valued are the following:

1 Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The ability of machines to reason for themselves cannot be as valuable as it can be if it is not managed by staff who could do so. It provides an opportunity, among things, to get to know customers better and predict their behaviors.

2 Cloud computing

Many companies are committed to managing their information from the cloud. Having an employee who is a cloud computing expert is a skill that is not overlooked.

3 Database management for decision-making

Both data analysis and big data. Today, they are fundamental business skills and competencies for decision-making. Not only in senior positions, but also for workers.

4 Digital Skills

Digital skills encompass several competencies. For example, communicating using new technologies or working in the management of software programs and digital tools. In this sense, being proactive in improving on these skills is highly valued by any company.

 Soft skills, which competencies are most appreciated?

Soft skills, on the other hand, refer to interpersonal and social abilities. They can help adapt to the workplace and achieve the goals. They are more difficult to quantify as they are seen as the job is performed. In this section we highlight the following.

5 Constant learning

In addition to the knowledge acquired mainly in academic life, the interest of employees and managers in continuing to learn is valued. Having concerns to be able to improve as a professional has great value in the business world.

6 Assertiveness

Assertiveness is saying what is thought and the key is how to say it. Always for the sake of the company and the team. Considering also how teammates can feel. It seems simple but it can really become something complex. For example, in situations where one’s opinion is different from that of others.

7 Communication capacity

If you have the business skills of assertiveness and asking questions of yourself and colleagues, then you have the capacity to communicate. A much-needed skill to advance the path of success for leaders as well. Because with it they can know what their team needs to carry out their work and meet the expectations of the company.

8 Adaptability and resilience

Adaptability is another of the most valued business skills in the business world. As it allows any member to know how to bring the changes, sometimes constant, to which the company is subjected.

9 The skill of the organization

Organization understood as the willingness to set realistic long-term goals and priorities. Decide in enough time what to do and in what order is most useful. Specially to make the most of the day.

10 Creativity

The ability to devise new ways to get the job done, innovate in finding solutions, and bring ideas is what’s known as creativity in teams.

 11 Collaboration

You don’t work alone but together. Knowing how to do it, count and collaborate with others, is a skill and a challenge.

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