Moment Marketing or Micro-moments, what are they? How to use them?

More and more people are using their mobile phones when they have an urgent need to satisfy: to seek information, to locate a nearby business. A fact that becomes a new opportunity for companies to be present, to be useful when responding to the demands of users. This search for information through mobile devices is called Moment Marketing or Micro-moments. How is it defined? How to apply it to the marketing strategy of a hardware company? What to keep in mind?

What are Micro-moments?

The term Micro-moment, one of the last to sign up to the dictionary of digital marketing, is defined as a moment, an instant, in which the user goes to his Smartphone to answer the doubt he has at that moment. For example, making a purchase, knowing where a store is located or knowing how a certain product is used.

That a company is fast, useful, that it is positioned in the first search results to give the Internet user what it demands is a great competitive advantage. It is also a good opportunity to be close to consumers.

Types of Micro-moments

Although Moment Marketing lasts only an instant, what it takes the user to get a response, we can differentiate 4 types of Micro-moments.

  1. Moment of information. ‘I want to know’. The moment of information consists, as the name suggests, in searching for specific information.
  2. Moment of decision. ‘I want to go’. The search is expanded. If, for example, the best types of locks have been searched before, now the user could look for nearby shops that sell these locks.
  3. Moment of action. ‘I want to do’. Among the types of Micro-moments, we find the action. The internet user intends to solve a specific problem: how to assemble a piece, how to fix a device.
  4. Time of purchase. ‘I want to buy’. The moment before you make a purchase decision. The more relevant information a company offers, the easier it will be for the customer to click on the ‘buy’ button through their Smartphone.


How to apply Micromoments in my digital strategy

If we want to apply Micro-moments in a digital marketing strategy we have to take into account the following points:

Know the buyer’s profile

The more we know about buyers the better we can tailor our strategy to meet their needs.

Provide a useful answer

Knowing the user is the first step, being useful would be the second. Clear and relevant content that is according to the needs of Internet users.

Analyze the customer’s search intent

We will analyze the customer’s search intent. In order to know what you want and even to anticipate your demands. What questions do users ask themselves? At what point? Optimizing the SEO strategy will make the user find the contents that the company has adapted to micro-moments.

Responds to immediacy

When a user searches for information of whatever kind on their device they want a quick, accurate response. If the webpage you access is not optimized: it takes time to load, the content is not clear or does not have the ‘buy’ button with the naked eye, you will leave the site and go to another one.

Micro-moments Analysis

To know if the Micro-moments strategy that we have included in our digital strategy works, we must see what the data says. Does our brand appear in the first search results? Do users leave the page in the first few minutes? How many click on the buy button? On this data analysis, the next steps will be decided.

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