Thanks to IBMH’s professional management you can import the range of bed join fittings from China today. Incorporating them into your catalog to meet the demand of your customers will be a great competitive advantage. What technical characteristics do these steel join fittings have for wooden beds? What models are there? Find it out with us!

Main models of bed fittings

In the manufacture of join fittings for wooden beds as well as furniture, a wide variety of connectors, mechanisms and structures made of carbon steel are used. With different finishes, stainless steel is also used in its design. In the components for furniture of this type we distinguish from the very simple to the most specialized.

  • Within the very simple we mention the supports L type. Designed to reinforce both the internal corners and lateral reinforcements that draw an angle of 90 degrees. They are mostly used for wood assemblies.
  • As for china hardware for more specialized beds, in the steel bed fittings we include the two, three and even four hooks. In addition to other hardware such as joining plates for the corners.



Technical characteristics of IBMH bed and canapés join fittings

Herrajes conectores de acero para camas de madera de IBMH

Talking about the technical characteristics of bed steel join fittings, there’s a wide range to respond to the high demand of this type of hardware.

The ones you can import with IBMH are made of ordinary steel with finishes in white zinc (galvanized) or yellow zinc. Materials that provide a high degree of protection against damage that originates inside a piece of furniture over time.

According to customer demand, these furniture parts can be manufactured in different grades of stainless steels, the most common being the AISI201 (or SUS201) grade.

On the other hand, metal thicknesses and hardware width are available in different sizes. Always depending on both the design of the hardware and the estimated weight that must support.

IBMH’s professional management in importing bed connectors

IBMH’s professional management in importing bed join fittings

If you use this type of hardware for wooden beds, we have good news for you. We expanded our subfamily of steel bed join fittings. We have new suppliers who have passed with high score our exhaustive quality controls to be able to manage your imports of hardware to assemble bed bases and join fittings of stringers of wooden beds. In addition to cabinet hardware, among others. All of them, steel fittings for wooden beds of high quality.

Our many years of experience, our professionalism and our rigorous quality control allow us to assure all our customers that the hardware they request meets each and every one of the characteristics and specifications.

If your company needs steel bed join fittings or any other hardware with a specific design. If you want to import it from China smoothly and improve the profitability of your business, IBMH is what you are looking for! We will take care of the whole process. From the samples, the appropriate controls, to the arrival of the product in your company.

Improving your imports of furniture and construction hardware from China has never been easier. Contact us today!