Chinese superstitions in the hardware business

Chinese superstitions in the furniture hardware business are a reality that can sometimes affect negotiations. Would you like to learn what they are so you can create an auspicious environment for business?

IBMH and complete understanding in negotiations

For two parties in a negotiation to come to an agreement, there must be a certain level of understanding. But when looking for a furniture hardware manufacturer in China, this task can be complicated due to cultural differences.

Chinese culture is based on a large number of traditions and superstitions which, if you are familiar with them, will help you strengthen business relationships.

After more than two decades working with companies in the hardware industry in China, IBMH can help you navigate the Chinese market. For this reason, today we’re talking about Chinese superstitions in the hardware business that will help you to better empathize with your Chinese partners.

Chinese superstitions in the furniture hardware business: numbers and colors

A good business relationship is determined by the little details:

  • • The number 4 is associated with bad luck because its pronunciation is similar to the word for ‘death’. Because of this, a Chinese businessperson will appreciate it if you try to avoid giving them a hotel room on the fourth floor, a gift with four units, etc.
  • • On the other hand, 8 is a lucky number.
  • • Red symbolizes good fortune, and yellow symbolizes money. Therefore, both colors are highly valued in business.
  • • However, white is a color associated with death and mourning.

Chinese superstitions in the furniture hardware business: the office

Chinese businesspeople seek to attract good fortunate with these gestures at the office:

  • • Golden cats attract prosperity, which is why they are so common in businesses and offices.
  • • The Chinese never set their backpack or purse directly on the floor because this is associated with financial volatility.
  • • Likewise, it will be seen as unfavorable if you place a wastebasket at the door to your office, because this allows money to leave more easily.

Chinese superstitions in the furniture hardware business: gifts

Chinese businesspeople will appreciate that you give them gifts to solidify your business relationship. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • • Avoid giving watches as gifts because the pronunciation of the Chinese word is similar to ‘funerary ritual’.
  • • It is increasingly fashionable to give flowers, but you must always avoid types that are associated with death, such as chrysanthemums, for example.
  • • Don’t give sharp objects such as knives because they symbolize cutting and, therefore, severed relationships. The same goes for mirrors, which break easily.

If you feel like doing business in China can get to be too complex (and it can), don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll manage your purchases with the best and most suitable Chinese furniture hardware manufacturers so that you get an optimal deal and featured products.