corporate social responsibility at IBMH

Our corporate social responsibility at IBMH is a concept that we value deeply and one that we try to improve each day. It is true that our business activity is in a country whose work culture is a far cry from what would be considered “decent working conditions”. And that is why we conscientiously work to create protocols that help improve our surroundings.

Both distributors and manufacturers of furniture hardware should know that, at IBMH, monetary benefits are important, but they are certainly not our sole objective.

Corporate social responsibility at IBMH #1: People first

We are aware that our greatest talent lies in our employees, collaborators and partners; without them, we would not be the leading company we are today. The people who work with and for us are a fundamental part of our success.

Because of this we…

  • • strive to create places that foster collaboration: pleasant, accessible and with a good atmosphere.
  • • have tools to promote teamwork: in order to build great relationships and even better ideas.
  • • encourage those who work with us to respect and enhance their surroundings to the extent possible. We know that we can generate social wellbeing, and that’s what we require of those who collaborate with us.

And we never…not us, and not any of our collaborators:

  1. Hire minors under age 16.
  2. Hire people over age 60 (in China, quality of life for the elderly is not always ideal).
  3. Allow work hours that are harmful to workers’ health.
  4. Pay less than the minimum established by local authorities.

Corporate social responsibility at IBMH #2: Sustainable economic and social development

At IBMH, we always reinvest our profits back into the company, fostering the economic development of:

  • • Our own staff and collaborators
  • • The communities in which we have our headquarters
  • • The Chinese government
  • • Furthermore, we adopt the environmental measures taken by authorities to put an end to the extreme levels of pollution, and we look for alternative solutions to give both the environment and our clients satisfactory results with minimal collateral damage.

There are values in our DNA that are with us wherever we go. Preserving this corporate social responsibility at IBMH makes us feel proud to work in this company.

We are convinced that, with our commitment and model as a successful and responsible company, we can help with the regulation of work conditions in China and with more sustainable development. What do you think? Do you think businesses should collaborate on improving their surroundings, or should these initiatives only come from the government and local administrations?