Slow-close air piston

The slow-close air piston is a device with compressed air designed to be installed in horizontally opening doors. The compressed air allows the cabinet door to open, and most of all, to close slowly and smoothly. This “slow-close” adds a touch of elegance to the furnishing in which it is installed, and effectively helps prevent any injury to the user’s hands while closing the door.

Varieties of slow-close air piston

Before starting, you should know that the piston’s load capacity is low to medium. For this reason, in order to choose the correct air piston, you must first know the weight of the cabinet door.

You can find pistons with a wide range of forces, from approximately 50 Newtons to 180 Newtons. However, pistons with higher capacities can be obtained upon request.

Quality and installation of the slow-close air piston

Obviously, quality is important in any type of hardware, but in a piece like this, you should pay special attention to the quality of the materials that will be used. Only good hardware will withstand the internal pressure that the piston must maintain at all times.

On the other hand, proper installation and selection of the correct piston force is essential. Normally, one piston is installed on each side of the cabinet door, but if it is small and lightweight, you can probably just use one.

What are the components of a slow-close air piston?

The traditional format for this product consists of:

  • • Piston
  • • Set of hardware for precise application
  • • Set of screws for installation

With this simple setup, the product offers a constant force to control the opening and closing of the cabinet door.

Of course, within this same setup, we follow the latest technological trends and manage pieces that even allow you to adjust the last stage of closing so that it is even slower and doesn’t make any noise, while always positioning the door correctly.

At IBMH, the results from the verification performed by our meticulous Quality Control Agents are excellent. Our objective is to ensure that our clients’ requirements are not just met, but exceeded.