Discover the IBMH anti-rollover kitchen cabinet hanger with safety plate

Do you want to know what our new featured product is and what its main advantages are? It is an anti-rollover kitchen cabinet hanger with safety plate and an efficient clamping system that is used to ensure its attachment to the wall. Do you also want to know why it would be a great advantage for your company to incorporate it into your hardware catalog today? Read more!

The anti-rollover kitchen cabinet hanger with safety plate is the new featured product of IBMH

This time, our new featured product is a wall-mounted cabinet hanger or kitchen furniture with an anti-roll safety plate made entirely of high-strength steel.

It is a hanger of great utility for modern kitchens. In addition to providing the optimum support, thanks to its innovative design, it will go unnoticed.

The three 3 settings provided by this clamping system

colgador para gabinetes anti-vuelco con placa de seguridad de seguridad

Once the hanger has been fixed in the correct position on the cabinet and has been hooked into the wall mount, it allows 3 adjustments. All of them are easily accessible from inside the cabinet.

  1. The first one ensures the position of adjustment to the height of the cabinet.
  2. The second one allows the cabinet to be fastened with the wall which will prevent the assembly from moving or damage with use.
  3. As for the third setting, it allows the safety plate of the anti-rollover cabinet hanger, to lock against the bracket that is already mounted on the wall.


Technical details of the new hanger for kitchen furniture

colgador para gabinetes anti-vuelco con placa de seguridad de seguridad

We detail the technical characteristics of the anti-rollover kitchen cabinet hanger with safety plate:

  • Its total load capacity is 65 kg, so it complies with current regulations EN15939.
  • Its thickness is only 10mm, i.e. it is very compact.
  • The finish is zinc silver. It guarantees long life and corrosion resistance without the need for regular maintenance.
  • Available with plastic lid in different colors that can be combined with the shade you choose for the cabinet.


The security offered by IBMH’s new featured product

The safety lock does not allow the cabinet or kitchen cabinet to rollover; not even in the event of oversteering their total load capacity.

This type of rollover should not occur if current regulations are met with standard versions or other types of lower security hangers. But with our featured product, the rollover would be practically impossible. You know that at IBMH we take security very seriously. That is why we know that this product is the best recommendation we can make.

The advantages of the hanger for cabinets and kitchen furniture

Among the advantages of the anti-rollover hanger for cabinets are:

  • Offers the safety indicated to prevent over rolling kitchen furniture or drawers.
  • It has an innovative design and the best materials.
  • Provides user safety and design to the kitchen.
  • By avoiding the rollover of the cabinet, all objects inside will be kept safe.
  • Maximum security and quick and easy installation.
  • It is especially suitable for light, medium or large weight furniture.


It is undoubtedly a great product that provides safety and durability without sacrificing the aesthetics and harmony of the furniture. If you want to incorporate it into your hardware catalog, give us a call today! At IBMH we are specialists in the purchasing management of hardware and accessories for furniture and construction in China. Our team of professionals will study your catalog to always offer you not only a good purchase price, but also a comprehensive service that covers all your needs to successfully import your hardware from China.