Do you need an online store for your hardware business?

We are sure the question of whether you need an online store for your hardware business has crossed your mind on more than one occasion, hasn’t it? Not for nothing, consumption habits have changed so much that many purchases are now made online. In this post we talk about the advantages of having an e-commerce so that you can decide whether or not it is in your hardware business.

What is an online store?

An online store is a type of commerce that uses a site or website as a means of sales. It is characterized by having a design oriented exclusively to the sale. For example, a list of the products that are available, the prices and their characteristics.

Don’t confuse an online store for your hardware business with a corporate website. In the first one, you can sell; second one, among other things, it informs about what the company is like, its vision and values. In addition, the blog is located on a corporate website, a section is created for frequently asked questions. And in the online store we focus on the sale of the product.

So, what are the advantages of having an online store for your hardware business?

The benefits of e-commerce or the reasons why you have an online store

The advantages of bringing your physical store to the network would be…

1 It sells more and better

Why? You will wonder. Because the online store is open 24 hours a day, also available from any device whether mobile, tablet or computer. On the other hand, the steps for the sale are shortened as it will only be necessary to click. Of course, for all this to be the case, the online store must have a suitable design in which product descriptions are perfectly detailed. The simpler you put everything, the better.

2 Customers are already on the Internet

You don’t have to convince the target audience to go online and find your new online store, they are already there! According to data from Global Digital Overview 2020, a report by We Are Social and Hootsuite, 74% of Internet users between the ages of 16 and 64 made a digital purchase in the last month.


3 Borders are widened

If you have a physical store you can sell in your locality. With an online store you can sell where you have set the limits. If you decide to launch the international market you will be able to reach a much more significant number of potential customers.

4 The online store for your hardware business becomes another way to advertise

The online store itself can become a great way to do marketing. There may be customers who already know your brand and go straight to make their purchase. And there may be others who simply visit your online store to learn more about the products and services offered.

5 Provides an excellent opportunity to get to know the customer better

With something as simple as taking a look at the web analytics of the online store we will be able to know what the customers who visit us are like. We will have information about how much time they spend on the page, if they leave the shopping cart before finishing it, if they are more interested in any type of product. Without a doubt, it is relevant information and data that will serve us in the marketing strategy.

What should an online store have for your hardware business?

Firstly, quality products and be a faithful reflection of the company and then:

  • Catalogue with all products that are for sale with photos and descriptions.
  • User registration.
  • Product finder.
  • Shopping cart with one click.
  • Various payment methods.
  • Contact information as well as customer service.

And what do you think of e-commerce as a growth strategy for your business? Do you think it would be an advantage for your company?  At IBMH we are at your disposal to help you access the right product for your business so you can sell more and better. If you want to increase the profitability of your imports of furniture and construction hardware and accessories, do not hesitate, contact us and we will tell you how our Strategic Sourcing Service works.