Strategic Sourcing Service for Purchasing Departments

“Strategic Sourcing” is a methodology focused on reducing the total cost of the products and services contracted by a company. During this process we analyze the internal demand of the company as well as its situation in the market and the relationship with its suppliers. At IBMH we know that it is important to have a Strategic Sourcing service for purchasing departments. We tell you why and what this would mean for your hardware business.

The role of Strategic Sourcing in purchasing departments

As we have mentioned, the Strategic Sourcing department analyses in detail the demand of the company, the supply, the market in which it moves and how the costs of the productions and contracted services can be reduced. Why? To identify the best sourcing opportunities with the least possible risk and having the possibility to access the innovations of the products that are on the market.

The purchasing area is optimized, and the company thus achieves the objectives set. The sourcing strategy must therefore be aligned with business goals.

We must keep in mind that we don’t just have to analyze the present. The tactical Strategic Sourcing service involves the development of a strategy in order to anticipate needs and act accordingly with future planning.


Benefits of Strategic Sourcing

Main advantages of having a Strategic Sourcing service are:

  • Efficiency in the purchasing process as local and global market conditions are exploited.
  • Increase company profits by seeking savings in the supply chain.
  • Expenses are analyzed and risks are managed in the procurement of each supplier.
  • Search for business opportunities with the aim of bringing value to the company at the lowest possible cost.
  • Work with a strategic sourcing model. An orderly methodology is followed for the fulfillment of the company’s corporate objectives.


The Strategic Sourcing service in China for the purchasing departments offered by IBMH

In our experience as Sourcing of purchasing in China, the international customer, having not dealt with Chinese suppliers, believes that the system of work is like any other European supplier. That’s where problems start to arise. Our job is to speak on behalf of the customer by offering quick answers to improve his business.

It is often difficult for the entrepreneur to carry out Sourcing management in China without the support, knowledge and experience of a company that will help them in every one of their purchases in China.

Thanks to the management offered by IBMH you will be able to…

  • Properly control and secure the commercial and economic interests of your company. That’s why Strategic Sourcing is so important to the success of your business.
  • Be in the hands of experts with proven experience in the Sourcing Service. In addition, at IBMH we speak your language and that of Chinese suppliers and know their business culture perfectly. In these circumstances, business, by developing in a trusted framework with efficient suppliers, obtains the best benefits for our customers.
  • Access to the best products. You will have access to the best product with the best value for money. Of all the manufacturing areas of the country.
  • Know all the innovations that are working in other markets. You will Know all the innovations that are working in other markets. At IBMH we are experts in purchasing management in China. We are specialized in hardware and accessories for the furniture and construction sector and work with customers in more than 27 countries.

IBMH’s work as a Strategic Purchasing Management Office in China is to achieve significant cost savings for your hardware company on all imports you make from China, as we carry out a continuous selection and negotiation process with the best suppliers in the country. Accept the challenge and optimize your orders by up to 40%. Contact us! We’ll give you all the details of everything IBMH can do for your business.