IBMH's Purchasing Department continues to grow: Anna Wu

For IBMH, the Purchasing Department is key in the entire process of managing the imports of hardware from our customers. From here important orders are managed and always with the utmost care and attention to offer an excellent service. To ensure this is the case, at IBMH we continue to be committed to development and innovation. But above all for having the best professionals in the team. The IBMH family continues to grow and today we are proud to welcome Anna Wu, our newest addition to the Purchasing Department.

Welcome Anna Wu! It’s a pleasure for us to have you on the team!

Introducing Anna Wu, the newest addition to IBMH’s Purchasing Department

For you to get to know us and our team a little more, today we come to tell you that Anna Wu is the new professional who joins the Purchasing Department. You already know that for IBMH to have a multidisciplinary team capable of facing any challenge that arises is a guarantee of success!

This is the Anna’s work experience and ambitions

Anna has extensive experience in the trade sector. Mother of two children, she combines her personal life with her professional career. On a professional level, she has the great responsibility of advising customers and giving them the best service throughout the process of managing their hardware import from China.

She comments that having an attitude of dedication at work is essential to achieve all the challenges and not miss any opportunity.

As for what she spends her free time on, Anna really enjoys swimming, climbing, traveling, and reading. She defines herself as a person who loves healthy living.

Anna’s first impressions at her new job

IBMH: Welcome to the IBMH Purchasing Department, Anna! Can you tell us what your first impressions are about your new position in the IBMH sales team?

Anna: I must confess that this is the first time I have worked in a company with as much reputation as IBMH. At first, I felt a little overwhelmed, the level is very high!

But it didn’t take me long to realize that IBMH is really a big family, everyone supports, cooperates, and works in the same line and that is something that is very appreciated.

IBMH: What will be your main functions in the IBMH Purchasing Department?

Anna: My job in the IBMH Purchasing Department will be to optimize communication between the customer and supplier. I will also take care of following the order in detail, as well as the details that may be given.

Anna also talks about her present and professional future at IBMH

IBMH: Did you know IBMH and the work it does?

Anna: Yes. Before entering I already knew that IBMH is the leading company in import management of furniture and construction hardware in China and that it operates in 5 continents.

IBMH: What struck you most about working for IBMH?

Anna: I would say that I was very struck by the work environment and the fact that I could continue to progress in my career. I take it for granted that for me it will be a great opportunity to improve my professional skills.

IBMH: And as a professional in this sector, what could you bring to the Purchasing Department?

Anna: I consider myself a great worker who strives and gives her best. Thanks to my years of experience, I will be able to offer the best service to our customers. Together with my motivation, I believe that we will be able to achieve excellent results.

To finish Anna tells us how she sees the future of the hardware sector

IBMH: We would like to hear from you about how things will go in the hardware sector. What do you think the immediate future holds?

Anna: Based on the latest developments, I think the hardware sector in China will continue to rise. Its position as a key country of operations between customers and suppliers will be strengthened.

I also think that sales channels will experience positive changes due to high competition, who will increasingly bet on technology.

Thank you very much for everything, Anna, it is a pleasure for us to have people with such dedication and professionalism as you.

We very much hope that your new stage at IBMH will be full of successes!