One of the most essential features in an import company is information and product management services. At IBMH we are convinced that this ease is very important for our customers; therefore, we are committed to innovative and more efficient technological tools.

Through IBMH Cloud Computing E-Business System, we provide you with a 50% saving in effective hours of work. With this computer system of the latest generation we improve your productivity and response times, as well as obtaining an optimal monitoring in real time of all the relevant activities of your company in China.

computer system

The main advantages of IBMH Cloud Computing E-Business System are:

1- Incredible speed in the request and reception of prices: The technical specifications of the products are created in the system only once. From that moment, all the purchase projects in China can be done in just 3 clicks.

2- Multiple quotes on every purchase: When some of our customers make a purchase order, the system automatically displays all the proposals from different factories audited by us previously. The buyer can easily analyze them to select which suits him.

3- Management and logistic control. Make multiple orders in a single shipment quickly and easily. The tool includes the automated calculation of the load capacity of the containers as well as the information in real time of the shipping companies and ships, needed to transport the orders from China towards the destination country.

4- Fast response time and tracking: Tracking Service for monitoring and follow-up of all requests, quotes, orders and shipments, as well as automated tracking of all the activity of buyers, agents, suppliers, freight forwarders, logistics operators, etc. and all this in real time.

5- Quality control: Record of quality controls carried out by IBMH in origin, as well as the quality controls and verification by the buyers in destination.