Another year more it is carried out one of the most popular fairs in the furniture sector in Valencia, Fimma-Maderalia. IBMH was present to detect international trends of the sector and to be able to offer detailed advice to all our customers who regularly import from China.

Fimma-Maderalia 2016 is one of the international fairs which have demonstrated the success of the traditional format of great trade show, where IBMH approached to analyze all the products that may be of interest to our customers.

fimma maderalia

Feria Valencia hosted from 2 to 5 February, a large sectorial quotation from technology, auxiliary industry and solutions for the sectors of wood, furniture, woodworking, interior design, architecture, design and decor.

More than 500 exhibitors and leading national and international firms in the largest exhibition in this sector that takes place in Spain were analyzed by IBMH during the days when the fair took place.

fimma maderalia

This type of trade fairs is more and more becoming a container of news, trends, information and innovation. At Fimma – Maderalia, we have known at first-hand the future of the sector to advance us to the new business model and products that may be more defendants for a future.

The sectors that have been this year at FIMMA were first and second transformation machinery, portables, environment protection, energy generation, plants and facilities, engineering and software. At MADERALIA we find the latest in hardware and locksmith, woods, sheets, boards, woodworking, construction, doors, cabinets, windows, semi-finished products and new materials (solid surface, resins, pvc, aluminum, steel, glass, methacrylate), as well as flooring and coatings, floors, parquet and decoration materials.