Nowadays, one of the most important and commercial hardware for the kitchen cabinet industry is the METAL BOX with soft close system or the Metal Box with Damping.

IBMH has been present in a factory truly specialized in this type of hardware where entirely manufactured all the components needed for the integral manufacture of a METAL BOX drawer. In this way, we have achieved an optimal supplier at the height of the large European brands. Currently already we have this product in high quality at a low cost.

soft close

The major hardware international brands have opted business strategy to offer a set price for the Metal Box with 500mm of depth and stop making money with this. However they recover it in the rest of the complements of the drawer (side fins in glass, interior dividers, metal fronts and interior steel cutlery, etc.)

That is why when we compare the price that can be obtained in China for a metal box to those offered by the major international brands, they are not especially different. However, if we make this comparison with the Add-ons, we find that there is even a 600% difference.

metal box

Read the 15 most important features of this product:

1- Load capacity of the sliding guide.

2- Durability of the sliding guides in opening and closing cycles.

3- Lateral stability of the sliding guide.

4- Resistance of the gear system that prevents the nod in crates of greater width.

5- Thickness in the metal sheets used.

6- Progressive soft close system (no hits).

7- Damping system in the total opening of the drawer.

8- Shock absorber piston seal system.

9- Traction system of the sliding guide, both vertically and horizontally.

10- Front anchorage system.

11- Assembly and disassembly system of the sides of sheet.

12- Side adjustment system.

13- Quality in the finishing of the side of sheet metal surface.

14- Accessories within the overall program that has the drawer.

15- Mounting system and ease of installation.