China is, arguably, the best country in the world to manufacture furniture hardware, door hardware, etc. However, the culture shock and the idiosyncrasies of the manufacturers of hardware in China are things that can really move away from success in our imports.

Keys so that you have a good relationship with a Chinese manufacturer are understood and mastered after years of experience in the field. For this reason, having a service provider in China as IBMHCORP with more than 15 years of experience importing hardware from China, makes the search of hardware really much more simple and effective.


To have a trusting relationship with your provider, the first thing you have to do is to demonstrate the importance of getting a well finished hardware. So at IBMHCORP we are always interested in the quality of the workmanship, the technology that will be used and the time spent in each part of the production process. So the manufacturer of hardware in China will see that our client’s order is really demanding and he will be concerned in offering us a suitable product.


On the other hand, never skimp on a strict quality control. Make sure always by yourself or through an expert in quality control in China as IBMH, hardware have been designed within the most optimal and efficient productive process, resulting in some quality furniture hardware. But if it is not so, you will end up damaging your image and losing your money.