Hardware and accessories for wardrobes and closets that we manage at IBMH are a few high quality mechanisms which serve to organize our clothing, at the same time that substantially improves the final aesthetics of furniture in which are installed.

This line of hardware and accessories allow sort the clothes, shoes and any personal object in wardrobes or closets. 


In China, it is possible to achieve high-end hardware, which has nothing to envy to the hardware made in Italy or Germany. All these hardware and accessories manufactured in China have a wardrobe lift with elevating mechanism with a unique “Soft Close Sytem”. This system allows you to open and close the hardware with much softness without making noise or impacts.

The structures of all these hardware are manufactured in anodized aluminium of high quality, which not only gives an excellent aesthetic, but also an excellent resistance against moisture, corrosion and external atmospheric agents.


Thanks to the Sourcing Services in China offered by IBMHCORP, within this complete line of hardware, it is possible to import from China extending wardrobe tubes, pull out clothes hanger, pull-out wardrobe rail, pull-out trouser holder, pull-out shoe racks, pull-out ties racks, clothes hanger, valet holder, holder rack, baskets and a long list of different hardware, but of the same high quality.

This line of high-end hardware was designed and initially created by the Italian company VIBO, but Chinese manufacturers quickly copied accurately this entire line of hardware of high aesthetic MADE IN ITALY. The company VIBO tried to hinder the marketing of this range of hardware imported from China, but there were so many Chinese companies that began to produce this line of hardware that it was impossible to be able to control them all.


The most gifted Chinese manufacturers have left behind that initial design copied from VIBO and have managed to get new lines of hardware that share the functionality of the original product, but with a design and variety of different finishes, exceeding in many cases, even under our view, the original design made in Italy. In addition, being aesthetically different products, they did not breach any patent, so the European importer of hardware could import these hardware directly from China and trade them freely without any problems.


At IBMH we have located the best Chinese factories of high-end hardware for wardrobes, closets and cabinets, those Chinese factories that are capable of manufacturing the highest quality hardware that today are imported from China by the large importers of hardware at European level.