Do you want to check, before you import from China, what will be the cost of the tariff? To do so, we explain it easily in three steps.

1. To carry out the calculation of the customs tariff of your import, first of all, you have to determine the tariff item asking the supplier by the “HS Code“. However, if you prefer control these data independently, you can access to this data through the website of the European Union in the event that the import is performed in Europe. If this is not the case, please enter in your web browser “tariff items” next to the name of your country to obtain the correct web. For example, in the case of the furniture hardware, the HS tariff code would be the 8302.42.00


2. When we have the HS Code, you only have to introduce it in the website of the European Union and put the country of origin of the goods, China.

3. When you enter the data required, all the information corresponding to our HS appears. If your item has anti-dumping or other protectionist measure rate or restriction, a screen will be shown with the status of your merchandise.


You should know that the tariff and VAT is paid by the freight forwarder or customs agent on behalf of your company. In the event that the shipments are made through DHL or EMS, they pay the tariff and the VAT and before the deliveries they collect the invoice.

Anyway, at IBMH we are specialize in helping the company to buy in China in an efficient, secure and easy way, so we will be happy to advise you on all possible questions you may have before you begin the process of importing from China.