At IBMH we are responsible of the perfect fulfilment of all the technical requirements from all the Chinese factories of hardware. Through the OEM and ODM models we want to meet the individual needs of all our customers to offer them perfect and completely custom hardware for furniture, for the particular needs of every one of our international customers.

The OEM and ODM terms are acronyms used in the manufacturing industry to designate the characteristics of a product manufactured in China.


On the one hand, the ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) refers to products that the Chinese manufacturers of furniture hardware have either standard or general, unless buyer requires customization. The buyer only has to say the hardware he needs and we, from IBMH, take care of locating the Chinese factory that has the product, having made it previously for other international buyers.

On the other hand, the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) refers to the manufacture in China of hardware according to the design, characteristics and technical performance that the buyer has previously, and that only needs to find through IBMH the Chinese manufacturer that is capable of producing it in optimum conditions of quality at an acceptable price.


At IBMH we have the experience necessary to address both types of production in China in a quite satisfactory manner to the international buyer, because there are many hardware that we manage in China for the largest enterprises in each country in which we are currently working, in addition there are already many Chinese factories of furniture hardware that we have localized for all our international customers.