The cost of China’s workforce makes it one of the most attractive options when it comes to manufacturing any product, including furniture hardware suppliers in China. Working with the big Asian industry can generate high costs because the larger the company, the higher the taxes. We explain why this is so significant in the Chinese market.

Manage taxes in China

The way the tax value chain is set to be paid in China is determined in the same way as in the West, the percentage of money the tax results is totally different.

Presidents of the largest Chinese companies complain about the high percentage they must pay to the State, because they think it overrides the benefits of the cost of Asian labor, as it is up to 35% higher than the one paid in America. The furniture hardware factories in China do not escape this reality, so if you work with the heaviest in the industry, you will need to have the deep knowledge of the market to ensure the best prices in relation to the quality level of the product.

Advantages of purchasing management and sourcing service of IBMH

As consultants and advisors with more than 14 years of experience in buying furniture hardware in China, at IBMH we have a sourcing and purchasing service system that focuses on a constant improvement of the services, as well as the search for better products and suppliers with the most competitive offers on the market, so that importing furniture hardware from China will not become a problem for you.

We have native and outsourced experts who know and contact all levels of the Chinese industrial chain, guaranteeing that the furniture hardware supplier you are working with is the ideal for your business needs at the best cost. Likewise, this system allows us to guarantee periodic visits during the production process so the quality of the final product will meet the expected standards.

Ensure the future of your furniture hardware import business in China with our native inspectors who are aware of the minutest details commonly missing on products made by Chinese hardware factories that, by constantly negotiating with suppliers, can exceed normal costs.