When buying furniture hardware in China, it is quite common to find a wide range of cheap, beautiful and apparently functional products, but when faced with daily use they end up failing to fulfill their objective. This happens because we acquire products that are below the minimum market price, and this makes the quality suffer; below average. However at IBMH we believe in quality manufacturing, where products meet the needs for which they are designed while maintaining the best possible cost. Therefore, we give you some tips to make your products have always quality.

How to make sure your Chinese furniture hardware has quality

  • Quality control: the best thing you can do to ensure that your hardware manufacturer in China is performing quality manufacturing, is to apply quality control processes early. Thus, you will be able to detect any imperfection in time, before the production is finished. At IBMH we offer you the best advice on quality control processes.
  • Respect your customers: A very economical product can be eye-catching, but once your customers know that the price is due to poor quality, they will stop importing furniture hardware from China with you. Respect them and commit to quality and you will gain their confidence, thus we have stayed for more than 14 years in the Chinese market! Remember that it is important to have customers who last in time and not disgruntled customers who talk about the poor quality of your product.
  • Long guarantees: The best way to prove to your customers that you have nothing to hide is to ensure that they will not need replacement parts and, if you offer them “just in case” for a long time, that will be rewarded with confidence.


IBMH and its commitment to quality

At IBMH we believe in the transparency and truthfulness of what we offer, therefore the customer’s trust and the quality of the products we handle is our priority and we gained that place in the Asian market, so quoted and difficult to achieve when it comes to hardware manufacturers in China. In our team, you can find the ideal support for your business, import or order to meet the quality requirements you want, either simple advice or a direct inspection, in the IBHM team you will find support in your project to buy furniture hardware from China.