At IBMH we always recommend products and services of the best quality, therefore we have selected among multiple options the kitchen interior design program with the best components and price-quality ratio for you to live an excellent experience when buying furniture hardware in China, that best suit your kitchen.

We also act with any product, no matter how basic it is, such as the wire baskets we recommend; they are extremely resistant to rust and external atmospheric agents due to their special finishing process and thickness, making them much more resistant than other baskets that might look exactly the same.

In addition, we have worked hard to develop a complete line of hardware for the kitchen base cabinet, which allows the installation in a single kitchen rack, both of a Slow-Closing Hidden Guide, and an H45mm Telescopic Sliding Guide; our aim is to achieve two levels of quality with the same product. This means a great saving for our client, since he should only order a product of the stock and, being adaptable to both systems, it can belong to two different market sectors; he kills two birds with one stone.

However, if the H45mm telescopic slides basket is used, they are screwed to the baskets instead of using the hooks traditionally used by furniture hardware manufacturers in China, since the hooks do not fit perfectly and the fastening can be released quickly, causing the basket to lose stability and generate annoying chirping.

At IBMH, we recommend that all baskets are always bolted to the sliding guides, whose system allows both right and left grip, so we will have no problem when choosing the side of the furniture in which we want to place the hardware.

On the other hand, when used with low mounting guide with slow-closing and full extension, we get not only that the hardware supports more weight, but also we obtain a system of soft and silent closing that also has extra measures at both the lateral and the front levels, making installation a very simple task.

It is important to take into account when importing furniture hardware from China that these are baskets, and with the use of H45mm Telescopic Rails, as well as Slow-Closing Hidden Guides, we always get a 100% total extraction of the furniture in the whole range of baskets, which greatly facilitates the access to the content by the end user of hardware.

At the same time, the complete program of Kitchen Interior Design recommended by IBMH contains an extraordinary system of anchorage and regulation, which once fixed to the door with the removable hardware, we can easily regulate both height adjustment and lateral adjustment. All with simple adjustment screw movements! This greatly facilitates the front adjustment of all hardware.

We must bear in mind that at IBMH we have helped design a system of frontal fixing and regulation that is absolutely extraordinary, since, in addition to being universal to the whole range of removable hardware, giving a great coherence and image to the Market, we can also stop using the system in case we do not want to fix a door with the basket, without thereby leaving an unsightly fixed plate in the front structure of kitchen interior products.

Trust IBMH to develop your own line of hardware and products for kitchen interiors; you should bear in mind that all these details are only a small part of the innumerable technical and aesthetic factors that must be taken into account, so that a kitchen interior design program can be traded in the market with guarantees of success.