With recent Chinese market policies, international trade has taken an unexpected turn and, at the same time, is paralyzed by the decisions of the Chinese government. These policies include treaties in which the Chinese government intellectually subsidizes domestic and international companies, sharing technologies and data.

This means that these subsidized companies retain an advantage over those that are not covered by such policies, regardless of whether they are nationals or not. In that respect, it might seem that the business of importing furniture hardware from China may not be helpful, but that only applies when you do not have the experience to adapt to policies.

It is also important to keep in mind that these complaints from the big industry respond to the fear that smaller or international industries will grow equally. That is what we want to help you do in the Asian market: to grow.

We take care of the interests of our clients

While the “Made in China 2025” really will not show its true consequences in a few years, it is known that the largest Chinese companies are against the movement directly involving the State within the trading system.

However, at IBMH we think that the important thing is to know that every business in China has direct or indirect link with the State, and to know how to operate under that precept. This is why we have a team of experts in sourcing, who have been managing furniture hardware purchases in China for more than 10 years and have a solid work experience that allows them to know how to handle this issues.

We also have experts from the same country who have grown up with the culture and policies of the State, whose mentality is indispensable to understand the negotiations in China. These services, coupled with extensive expertise in quality control in the country, make IBMH the safest tool to overcome the difficulties of the Asian market.

At IBMH, far from being afraid of the development of future policies of the country, we have full confidence that we will maintain the solidity in the market that we have maintained during the last 14 years and we have the best range of experts, with vocation to help The customer to thrive in a market that for many is impenetrable, in which we will help to concrete your business of importing furniture hardware from China.