At IBMH, we are specialists in Purchasing Management and Quality Control in China for products like Furniture Fittings and Hardware, Cabinet Hardware, Kitchen Cabinet Hardware, Door Hardware, Sofa Hardware and Bed Hardware. That means we need a wide range of prototypes, high production output and stringent quality control. How is China evolving in this area?

Every day, there is a greater need for product designers, developers and manufacturers who are faster, more talented and more qualified in order to create new products or concepts. To achieve this, manufacturers are working to keep up with advances made in 3D modelling and other CAD technologies. In this way, the creation of quick prototypes as a manufacturing technique and as an industry is gaining relevance, especially among engineering designers and manufacturers.


The companies that provide prototype services allow us to generate innovative design concepts, helping us to show how a product should look and work rather than simply making assumptions about it. For IBMH, a good prototype is a way to carry an idea forward and to implement a design before finalizing the product.

Another advantage of the creation of prototypes is the ability to instantaneously incorporate alternative design possibilities, changes, style tests, etc. With a physical model, this process is much longer, more expensive and more complicated. At IBMH, we are Purchase Consultants or Advisors specializing in Purchasing Management in China, offering professional services in importation for all importing companies that work frequently with China. Now, we offer faster and more efficient work thanks to the advances made in the country. Don’t wait any longer and get started with us.