China’s growth in terms of business and economy has caused both of these aspects to skyrocket, generating substantial growth in relationships between this powerful Asian nation and Spain.

Spain has declared itself to be “friends, but not partners” with China, due to the limitations resulting from overprotection of the economy combined with the good political relationship that sets the stage to make improvements or changes and help different industries, such as manufacturers of Furniture Hardware in China.

IBMH’s service as a link between countries

The high demand for Chinese services and products has meant that commerce and political relations with other nations have had to improve. After all, this Asian superpower not only exports, but also strengthens relationships for the greater good, bolstering other nations that need a piece of its exponential growth and development. For years, relationships such as the one between China and Spain have ensured that both commercial dealings and friendships, the protagonists of any business, have been renewed. Because of this, these two nations have reached a mutually beneficial agreement to exchange and provide professional services as well as other products that allow for new investments that are completely positive for both countries.

IBMH is one of the companies benefitting from this progress in the political and economic realm. We are an international company offering comprehensive services, specializing in importing products from China. In particular, we work with the best suppliers of furniture hardware in China with more than 16 years in the market. This is why we are aware of the benefits of these relationships, which have made growth possible for our company and our customers all around the world. We are specialists in becoming your best ally so that you and your business can benefit from the support and trust that only we can offer as an extension of your business’ purchases.