The Chinese market has always been one of the most difficult to conquer; it is undoubtedly one of the strongest, most competitive and beneficial markets in the world. However, the policies of both State and the hardware manufacturers in China, have generated a growth in this market much higher than what we expected. How does China scale economically in this way in the middle of the global crisis? Because the country is positioned increasingly high in the industrial value chain.

How does China scale in the industrial value chain?

China has developed a manufacturing system that is based on the concentration of knowledge and development of the same product within the industrial zone. Thus, we find that there are cities full of furniture hardware manufacturers in China. These cities, totally concentrated in creating more and better hardware, generate a vertiginous development and evolution of this production. Regardless of the competition, the daily interaction of hundreds of experts in exactly the same product turns into problem solutions, technological advances and better quality processes in a natural and everyday way.

IBMH, your best choice to import furniture hardware from China

At IBMH we have 14 years of experience in the hardware manufacturers market in China, and nowadays we have developed a system of specialized services that have grown with the same industry of the country. We have the best purchasing agents who really base the purchasing management and outsourcing method to import furniture hardware from China in the Asian market with experience and historical positioning in that market.

We also have the on-site quality control service which allows you to ensure the standards of your merchandise, including original IBMH software that digitally records and displays the entire tour as if you were in the company.

These services are based on the conviction of experience and the belief that customer trust is the priority. Therefore, we believe in ensuring that your project to buy furniture hardware in China, has the quality you need at the best price. The outsourcing method allows our inspectors to know the industry locally and ensure that the process is effective, being the best option to import furniture hardware from China.