From storytelling to testimonial marketing of the future. What is it about?

What the customer tells about how he uses a certain product or what his experience is with a service not only gives us the keys to improve, but, from now on, it has become an excellent way to reach other potential consumers. That is why marketing is increasingly testimonial and strategies focus on giving voice to customer opinions.

What is testimonial marketing of the future?

In the form of reviews, testimonials from current customers tell what their experience is like. They therefore become social proof that the company delivers what it says: it has exceeded their expectations.

Such feedback will be the proof that can convince other customers to also be interested in a brand.

What is the difference with Storytelling?

Storytelling tries to connect emotionally with the public. In the case of testimonial marketing, it goes a step further. The narrative is naturally integrated into the testimonies and people are given much more prominence.

In this way, newcomers to the brand will not only be able to read data or information, but they will also be able to observe the experiences of other consumers.

The benefits derived from testimonial marketing

Customer testimonials are used to disclose information about a product or service from someone anonymous who has already used it. Therefore, it can tip the balance of those who are undecided. What other advantages does it have?

  • Helps convert leads.
  • It has a positive effect on the brand image and to achieve customer loyalty.
  • When several people start talking about a brand in a positive way, other customers will start trusting it.
  • Real customer testimonials are so powerful that they motivate and incentivize purchase.
  • On the other hand, visits to the website increase.



 Storytelling ideas for your business: main types

To incorporate storytelling into the commercial or marketing strategy, first we must know the types that exist:

  1. Testimonials on web pages. Whether written or in video format, when an Internet user enters a website, he will be able to read the opinions of current customers.
  2. Testimonials page on the website. Instead of a review at the end of the site, we will have an entire page dedicated to consumer testimonials and reviews.
  3. Social media testimonials. In this case, Internet users create a network of comments on social networks inviting others to also interact.
  4. Reviews and ratings on other websites. Customer reviews or ratings can also be viewed on other websites or shopping platforms along with the rating or score awarded.
  5. Testimonials from influencers. Here we refer to influencers or people who have many followers on social networks, but who have not been paid. They simply share their satisfaction with the brand.
  6. Reviews in video format on the channels. It is also common to upload in video format to the main channels the reviews or ratings of consumers so that interested parties have a real and close reference.

Thanks to testimonial marketing reviews you can connect with your customers. And thanks to IBMH’s professional management you can see your business grow. If you want to have our Strategic Purchasing Management service in China of hardware and accessories for furniture and construction, just contact us today and we will give you all the details. We are waiting for you!