productivity at work in the furniture hardware sector


The world of work has changed drastically in recent decades. The jobs are increasingly complex and require employees with initiative and able to deal with very different situations. On many occasions, companies choose to outsource certain tasks, such as buying furniture and construction hardware in China with IBMH. This can also mean a change in the management of the company’s HR. In this context, how can you make your team perform better? Today IBMH show you the rules to achieve greater motivation, creativity and productivity at work in the furniture hardware sector.

How to increase productivity at work in the furniture hardware sector:

  1. 1. Clear information

There is nothing more demoralizing than going to work without knowing very well what is expected of us or for what. If we want a team to work with motivation and efficiency, first of all, it is necessary to know their objectives and projects previously. Therefore, even if it seems a truism, it is vital that, as a boss, you make sure that each member knows their function and what is expected of him or her. You must also be careful not to cause a role ambiguity, a problem that is generated when:

  • Operating criteria are missing.
  • High complexity in the workplace.
  • A clear difficulty in responding to demands.
  1. 2. Planning

Keep this simple premise in mind: human beings are not machines, so they need to focus their attention on one task at once. Forget the multitasking, both for you and for the members of your team. Doing many things at once will not make you go faster and, instead, you will make mistakes more often. The solution goes through the task lists, sorting by priorities and emergencies. Multitasking is only viable for some privileged, exactly for 2% of people.

  1. 3. Keep meetings to a minimum

You may be thinking about how to improve the productivity of your team’s work, without taking into account that the long list of meetings they must attend each week are the culprits that they cannot finish their projects on time. There are countless articles that warn us of the danger of having lots of meetings.

  1. 4. One moment for each thing

Team productivity will hardly increase if you do not assume a series of good habits on a personal level. In this sense, it is important to assign a specific time for certain tasks. Even being necessary for our work, if interspersed with others, they can kill our productivity: check the mail, update social networks, take phone calls, etc. Choosing a limited time of the day for these activities is the best way to avoid becoming the “excuse” for not doing other tasks.

  1. 5. Rest matters as much as work time

Although, we all know the theory, and it seems that the work trend is directed towards shorter days and without the need for physical presence, the reality is that in many companies it continues to prevail being many hours in the office without performing in the same proportion. What many managers do not realize is that rest and rational schedules are vital for a team to maximize their work. In the same way that an elite athlete cannot skip hours of rest, our team needs a similar routine.

In short, the key to productivity at work in the furniture hardware sector, as in many other sectors, is to move away from the outdated stereotypes of the submissive and multifunctional employee. Get a happy and rested team in a working environment where information flows. In conclusion, only then your team will correctly face the complexity of modern jobs.

At IBMH we are experts in Purchasing Management and Quality Control of furniture and construction hardware in China. And we know well that one of the keys to our success is our team. If you want the best conditions and service to import your hardware from China, IBMH is your best ally. Contact us!