furniture hardware importation


Any company in the sector that seeks to be competitive nowadays, is aware of how essential is the furniture hardware importation from China with IBMH. However, you do not have to stay alone in achieving a good price with the most stable quality. Optimizing transport is also of great value to keep our costs competitive.

The importance of efficient space management

All our customers have already realized that the furniture hardware importation from China implies a significant reduction of costs without compromising quality. In the same way, and thanks to our strong negotiating power with Chinese manufacturers, they also know how important is to have expert knowledge like ours.

At IBMH we know that an inefficient management of the transport space can put an end to the reduction of costs that had previously been achieved.

Thanks to our more than 23 years of experience in the furniture hardware industry, in the international market, we have perfected our system to:

  • •Take the load to the millimeter.
  • •Ensure maximum efficiency in every transport.

In this way, we achieve a maximum volume of load that reduces costs for each of our customers.


Meet the Capability of the High Cube – HC Container

For example, our High Cube container – HC Container is:

  • •Higher than a traditional 40-foot container (2.6 meters high).
  • •With greater capacity.
  • •Perfect for transporting bulky goods.
  • •Can hold up to 48 European pallets (1200 x 80 mm).
  • •It has a volume of 76 cubic meters (see more information below).

The quantity of Pallets that can be loaded in this type of containers is as follows:

furniture hardware importation

This is just one example of the transport solutions offered by IBMH. In our website you have more information available to optimize the load.


In conclusion, to achieve the levels of competitiveness required by today’s market, it is important:

  1. 1.To have the best partner in purchasing management.
  2. 2.To get specialized quality control.
  3. 3.To get always a load of efficient merchandise.

Have not you taken the step to import furniture hardware in China yet? Check our blog and know more about the effectiveness of IBMH outsourcing service.

Do not forget that IBMH business is not only focused on obtaining a good purchase price. We offer an excellent comprehensive service that covers all the needs of companies wanting successful business with China.

Did you consider this small-big detail of the optimization of the containers in your furniture hardware importation plan? Tell us about your experience!