furniture hardware importers


From the 15th to the 19th of October, Phase I of the Canton Fair was held in which furniture hardware importers, among many others, met to find a reliable supplier.

General information of this edition

“Xu Bing, spokesman for the Canton Fair, said the world economy had a bullish trajectory this year. Deflation had stabilized. And, in almost all cases, was corrected towards a sustained and constant growth. As a result, the 122nd Canton Fair will increase the number of shop assistants as world trade continues its recovery.” Source: El Economista

About the furniture hardware sector and its presence at the fair

IBMH has once again been present at the Canton Fair, and we have visited it taking into account the needs of our customers, furniture hardware importers. And unfortunately we have not found significant alternatives over other years.

The truth is that the perception we have had, one more year, is that the exhibitors really do not take advantage of their presence and therefore the visitors, do not really find what they need. Of course, it is always interesting and essential to visit this fair because without a doubt the contacts, experiences and conclusions will help to grow all the companies that attend it.

So, after this reflection we can only say that:

A meeting with us in our offices is much more productive and profitable than a very long day at the Canton Fair and much less tired!

We have direct contact with hundreds of factories throughout the China region (not just the ones that go to the fairs) and we have a global vision of the sector thanks to the purchasing management that we make in the 5 continents. And this information is really valuable to hardware importers. Don’t you think?

 About the organization and recommendations for furniture hardware importers

Finally, we want to give you some practical (and realistic) advice, so that the next visit is very, very productive for your business:

  • •This fair is a perfect excuse to come and see us. Make an appointment with us and see firsthand what we can do for you and your company. If you like our professional profiles, we assure you that at IBMH we can improve the results of your import of hardware. For sure!
  • •You should never go to visit the fair without a well-defined strategy of which stands you want to see. Our advice, grind the exhibitors and set them vertically and horizontally. When entering each room, draw your route strategy.
  • •You should wear casual business attire, but above all, comfortable shoe.
  • •If you have organized the visit, you will need between 100 and 200 cards. If on the other hand you prefer to “wander” (we do not recommend it) you will need many more.
  • Do not forget the basic protocol of delivery and reception of cards:
    • •Use both hands.
    • •Do not tap in any case either the name or the company.
    • •When you take it, watch it a little. Take a few seconds.
    • •Keep it in your wallet with care.

And that’s all! If we already meet each other, we hope you repeat your visit with us. If you have not already done it, follow our advice. We know what we are talking about!