Telescopic and Recessed Plugs managed in China


Aesthetics and practicality at home are essential elements for consumers. Very often the requests for interior decoration are to get an “attractive and comfortable” home or office in all aspects. And increasingly, these telescoping and recessed plugs managed in China by IBMH are ordered in the market.

Kitchens are no longer just the place where food is prepared, they are meeting places during the preparation of food. Halls increasingly share space with kitchens, and this decorative novelty implies a greater importance for the details. Likewise, offices are linked more and more to the philosophy of the company and therefore the furniture aspect is measured to the millimeter.

For all this, the furmiture hardware takes a value hitherto unthinkable. Therefore, they are not only functional elements, they are an integral part of interior design.

Hidden and practical

Telescopic and Recessed Plugs managed in China

It was not so long ago that the placement of plugs in homes was an endless puzzle that ended with the placement of multiple bases in all corners. Aesthetically those bases are awfully ugly and uncomfortable and that could not continue so.

With these telescoping and recessed plugs managed in China, kitchens, offices, meeting rooms and offices will gain in versatility and aesthetics. Hence, these solutions have quick, safe and easy access. Frames and trim are discreet and timeless design to easily adapt to any place.



Telescopic and Recessed Plugs managed in China

  • – With one click, your internal values ​​are displayed.
  • – Safe and invisible under surface wiring.
  • – Models valid for:
    • •Corners
    • •Sides
    • •Surface
    • •Hidden
    • •Of simultaneous or individual use
  • – Options:
    • •Plug boxes
    • •Network connections
    • •USB
    • •HDMI
    • •Audio
    • •Chargers
    • •On/off switch
    • •Child safety
    • Etc.


Did you find this product attractive? Undoubtedly the telescopic and recessed plugs managed in China, is one of the systems most demanded and highly appreciated by consumers. So if you are interested in IBMH managing the importation of this product for your company, do not hesitate to contact us. It will be our pleasure to start a long-distance collaboration together.