Import adjustable folding table legsImporting quality height adjustable folding table legs with IBMH is easy. The table hardware that we recommend for import from China is generally of higher quality than the furniture hardware that other importers of this type of product usually recommend. The products that IBMH purchases from manufacturers in China on behalf of its customers have upgraded technical features, which means that they are more stable and durable.

Why import adjustable folding table legs

Because smaller and smaller homes are being built, we need to be more resourceful in finding new ways to save space. The reality is that today’s construction systems build homes that have smaller rooms, which means that we tend to have space problems. For this reason, tables that can be folded easily and stored when not in use are clearly valuable for freeing up space and giving a home more usable space.

Height adjustable folding table legs are a very practical solution for the occasions where an extra table is needed. Whether it’s for a family gathering, a business function or even for use at restaurants and hotels or any other event where extra table space is needed, these folding tables are very useful. The advantage is that once the extra table space is no longer needed, the table legs can be folded up and much less storage space is needed.

Space saving furniture hardware is becoming more and more popular.

IBMH highly recommends importing height adjustable folding table legs. This type of furniture hardware is part of the category Table Legs, which is also known as Legs and Bases for tables.

Their specifications are:

  • • Adjustable leg measuring 710 mm in height, though custom measurements can be requested.
  • • The system is simple and very easy to assemble.
  • • For table tops that measure at least 400×1200 mm.
  • • Legs are sold per unit. For one table 4 legs should be ordered. However, different package systems can be ordered to meet the needs of each market.
  • • Material: High quality iron.
  • • Finish: Any surface finish can be ordered, such as Chrome, Nickel, Stainless Steel, White, Black, Silver, etc.

At IBMH we are experts in Strategic furniture and constrution Hardware Purchasing Management in China. Not only are we able to import adjustable folding table legs at a price that is favourable to you, we can also procure all types of fittings and hardware for furniture and construction. But what is most important is that, in addition to offering a good price, we also provide a comprehensive service that covers all the needs of any company that is looking to successfully import furniture and door hardware from China. Just ask us; you’ll be surprised!