At IBMH we help our clients get excellent service and preferential economic conditions. Discover everything that a Purchasing and Management Agent should have in China

At IBMH we stand out for recommending to all of our new customers the logistics operators with which our regular customers tend to work continuously and get higher returns possible for all our customers. We get this with a logistics of import with a really competitive cost, improving the average price of purchase of the products and, finally, improving the profit margin of all our customers.


Purchases in China are business opportunities with which IBMH offers different advantages. To introduce you in this sector, we summarize you the key concepts about the Purchasing Management in China.

What is a supplier?

A Chinese supplier is a manufacturer who deals with the creation of the hardware of China we need to import. It is very important to compare in areas the different manufacturers, to know the average price that is offered for the product. The next step is to ask for references about the supplier selected in China together with the application for all certifications. All suppliers will comply with all certificates and approvals to be able to be imported.

Do you know the conditions of purchasing?

To make a purchase in China, we must calculate that after adding all the total costs of imports, we get a maximum return. Before making any investment, however, we have developed a list of regulations that our product must meet in the country to which we import. At IBMH, we have established a strictly management and Quality Control system in China, taking all measures to guarantee the absolute quality of the final product.


For proper verification and analysis by our customer of all this information detailed by our inspectors in the “Quality Inspection Report”, we have a computer system of the latest generation with which we offer a fully digitized report that you will have the feeling of being personally present inside the factory in which we have carried out the inspection.

In addition, we are governed by standard ISO2859 (ANSI/ASQCZ1.4-2003), also known as AQL (Acceptable Quality Level), which defines the inspection criteria and acceptable levels of quality within a Final Quality Control report.

About import in China:

Our Sourcing Service or Purchasing Management in China has a total and absolute guarantee on the quality of the products purchased, since in addition and without additional cost to our customers, we make several visits to Chinese factories in order to carry out our exhaustive Quality Controls prior to the shipment of the order to your country destination. All imports have some expenses previously tested and is completely transparent to our customers.