Customer loyalty as a strategy for your hardware business

What is more important? Customer loyalty or attracting new customers for your furniture hardware business? I’m sure you’ve asked yourself this question anytime. And you’ve probably also concluded that having a customer loyalty strategy well defined, for the success of any company, is one of the most important things. However, the reality is that many times it is not given enough importance. In fact, it is common for all or almost all efforts to attract new customers. If this is the case with your company, and you think loyalty is something you should enhance the most, this post interests you.

What does customer loyalty mean?

As the name suggests, customer loyalty means getting the consumer who has already purchased once in your company or has made use of a service, to do it always. It is about getting a punctual customer to become a regular one. To do so it is not enough to offer products and services of excellent quality, we also have to carry out a series of sales tactics and marketing strategies.

The main advantages of gaining customer loyalty

Before starting with marketing strategies and sales techniques to achieve loyal customers, we will quickly see what the main advantages are.

  1. Strategies for gaining customer loyalty are much less expensive than tactics for recruiting new customers.
  2. Customer loyalty brings higher revenue to the company as there are fixed sales.
  3. A customer that always buys products or services in our company gives us the opportunity to know him well. That’s how we can get him to have a better and more satisfying shopping experience.
  4. A regular customer is the best brand ambassador. Being happy with a company will make him speak well of it to potential future customers. The brand’s reputation increases, and it does so in the best possible way.


Sales techniques and marketing strategies to achieve customer loyalty

Once we’re clear, it is time to move on. What can you do in your hardware company to achieve customer loyalty? Well, strategies like the ones we detail here:

Loyalty programs

The most common customer loyalty programs are classic points programs with rewards for purchases of a certain volume. Also, another common practice is to make special discounts when you reach certain amounts.

Always maintaining excellent communication with the consumer

Listen to him, understand his needs or give him all the information you need. This will make him satisfied and will buy again. Social networks are an ideal mean to talk to the customer. A tool available not only to large companies and that is also one of the most effective.

Excellence in customer service

We must take maximum care of the after-sales period, only in this way we will know if the consumer is really satisfied with what he has bought. Take a satisfaction questionnaire, that your sales team make a follow-up call… Provide the means for him to quickly find the right channels so that he can resolve any questions that may arise as soon as possible.

Bet on an Email Marketing strategy

Email marketing campaigns are also effective for customer loyalty. Create engaging messages, unveil new products and always leave open the possibility for your customers to respond to you.

And finally… measures and analyzes to see results

Measuring the results of the tools you use in your loyalty strategy is critical. It’s the only way to check if things are doing right or if you need to switch to other types of tools.

What other types of customer loyalty strategies might be useful in your hardware company? What are the results you get?

At IBMH we can help you improve the customer satisfaction and profitability of your furniture and construction hardware business. Do not hesitate and contact us today. We will tell you in detail what our strategic purchasing management in China consists of and why we can offer you this service with full guarantee of success.