As we have commented previously, start without experience to do business in China can be disastrous. An extended period of knowledge and negotiations is needed to be able to work efficiently in China.

That is why, despite the strides that the industry in China has experienced in recent years, the adventure of producing in China is full of ups and downs and mines. Therefore, in addition to being guided by an experienced import management company, it is necessary to know that if one of these 4 things happen to you, there is something that is going wrong in your negotiations.

  1. An EXCEPTIONALLY LOW price: manufacturing prices in China are very low, but if a supplier has offered you an extremely lower price than other references you have, there are probably a mistake along the way. Check it and never sign anything of what you are not sure.


  • A long period of silence: if your provider does not updates you on the process of manufacturing and already has arrived the date of delivery. Watch out! It may be something that is happening that you should solve as soon as possible.

  • Your manufacturer says that he has never manufactured a piece like that you ask him and he says that is difficult for him: this can be translated as “do not blame us if it does not go well”, so try to find a Chinese supplier with experience.


    They say “Yes” very fast: a Chinese supplier who does not have questions is dangerous. This leads to incoherent parts, with errors or too expensive bills. It is also strange that they do not discuss you any requirement of the contract. If they do not do it, it means that surely they are going to ignore it.

    Not matter if you have experience in the search of products in China, let IBMH help you with the production and import of a product to get the best prices and quality.