At IBMH we are experts in hardware of high range for cabinets. This time we highlight a removable shoes adjustable rack manufactured in gloss chrome steel and in anodized aluminum, of excellent quality especially indicated for its use in cabinets, closets and dressing rooms.

The Shoes Adjustable Rack is also known as Pull-out Shoe Racks, Pull-Out Wardrobe Shoes Rack, Shoe Storage and Shelf for Shoes.

This shoes adjustable rack can perfectly adapt to the width of the furniture or cabinet that is being installed, since it has a special telescopic system which allows you to adapt perfectly to different cabinet widths – at least – 2 measures. The width of the frame is adjustable depending on the inner width of the wardrobe or closet, having an adjustment capacity of 120 mm.

Thanks to its special simplicity, we get to provide with minimal cost a different esthetic to the global set of the closet, wardrobe or cabinet, allowing combinations of great versatility and excellent esthetic.


The application of this shoe rack gets the maximum use of the available space in cabinets, closets and wardrobes, making an orderly distribution and a comfortable access to shoes stored inside. It has a large storage capacity in minimum space, in addition to a comfortable and easy location within the furniture or cabinet.

Its central structure is made of high quality anodized aluminum, which gives not only an excellent esthetic, but it also gives excellent resistance against moisture, corrosion and external atmospheric agents.

On the other hand, the structure that holds the shoes is manufactured in steel with polished gloss chrome finish, which gives it an excellent visual esthetic to the final set of the hardware. Fastening system which includes all necessary fasteners for proper installation.



This rack has spacers that allow perfect use in closets or cabinets with hinged doors or sliding doors cabinets. Its double steel frame which allows up to 2 rows of shoes and so have all the shoes perfectly organized.

Material: Aluminum frames of long durability in the anodized silver finish, supports for shoes in polished gloss chrome steel, corners and side spacers of the hardware in grey silver ABS finish.

It is a line of hardware of high range, which helps keep everything in perfect order and also offers you a quick overview of the contents of the shoe rack.

Removable structure in aluminum built on sliders with ball bearings that have full extension and Soft Close System, which allows you to have a truly smooth and silent closing.

Full extension sliding guides have excellent features and benefits, since they include the latest technology of sliding rollers, have an automatic synchronization and a unique mechanism of Soft-Stop giving a really smooth and silent closing.

This fantastic hardware supplements with solvency requirements of the most demanding professionals, since it has different widths, a very simple assembly system and a perfect damping.

This high quality hardware line was designed and initially created by the Italian company VIBO, but Chinese manufacturers did not spend much time since they accurately copied this entire hardware line of high esthetic MADE IN ITALY.

The company VIBO tried for many years to hinder the marketing of this range of hardware imported from China, but there are so many Chinese companies which began to manufacture this line of hardware that it was impossible for them to control them all.



At the end, the most advantaged Chinese manufacturers have left back that initial design copied of VIBO and have managed to create new lines of hardware that share the functionality of the original product, but with a very different design and variety of finishes, that even under our opinion, in many cases exceed the original design made in Italy, in addition to they were aesthetically different products and they did not breach any patent, so the importer of hardware in Europe could import these hardware directly from China and trade them freely without any problems.

At IBMH we have located the best Chinese factories of high-end hardware for cabinets, closets and wardrobes, those Chinese factories that are capable of manufacturing the highest quality hardware that today are imported from China by the large European hardware importers.