What is Storydoing and how to take advantage of it in the hardware sector

It is possible that in your search for content strategies to publicize your hardware brand you have come across storydoing, a technique that from now on has been stomping. Well, first of all, you should know in detail its advantages, differences with storytelling and what is the best way to carry it out. This will make it much easier to get it right!

Storydoing: A strategy that revolves around the consumer

Storydoing seeks to tell a story. Not only that, but it also aims to involve the consumer, to take action, to become the protagonist.

Do not confuse sponsorships with this advertising technique in which the values of the brand and the benefits it brings to consumers are shown, always based on real experiences.

Storydoing Vs. Storytelling

How is storytelling different from storydoing? Storytelling can be within storydoing, that is, they can be complemented, but it must be clear that they are different strategies:

The art of telling goes one step further to reach action, to show the consumer, with actions and experiences, the value of the company, the product and the services it offers. In other words, storydoing is based on transferring values said in words to real and palpable facts by the audience.

Strengths: advantages of storydoing

To talk about the advantages of storydoing is to talk about:

  • Engage the audience in a close and impactful way that they will remember, even if time passes. Greater positioning in the consumer’s mind.
  • Encourage action and decision-making by consumers.
  • Greater possibility of recommendations: our customers will speak positively about us to other potential consumers.
  • Win in mentions, impact on social networks and on shared content.
  • Storydoing also improves return on investment.


How to implement ‘the art of doing’ in companies

From the ‘art of telling’ we move on to the ‘art of doing’ and for this:

  1. Define what you want to tell. It is about transmitting something of the brand or products and for this we must answer the question what we want to have with the message / action that we are going to launch.
  2. And what do we want to achieve? Possible answers to this question could be: awake feelings and emotions that call for action. Connect with users. Get them involved with our brand.
  3. What we want to achieve. Each marketing action that is carried out seeks to generate a reaction, to get a response in consumers. Depending on what is intended to be achieved, this is how the storydoing strategy should be proposed.


Storydoing: examples of success

To carry out the storydoing it is also of great help to know other success stories. A well-known clothing brand unveiled its new waterproof collection with a song that could only be heard on rainy days.

On the other hand, a detergent firm put new garments on sale. But they really weren’t, they had been soiled and washed with their detergent. The client, when paying, discovered the secret: clean clothes and like new!

As you can see, storydoing is a strategy that can be taken advantage of.

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