When you outsource the manufacture of hardware in China, you get cheap skilled labor, raw materials and fully equipped facilities but, do you find enough quality in the results? Once you select the company’s quality control in China, you can focus on other aspects of your business knowing that you are going to obtain a product of great quality at a cheap price.

The quality of a product must be tested thoroughly by means of a series of quality controls to ensure that adheres to the necessary specifications of the company and the country, and meets quality standards also. IBMH offers various services of inspection and quality control in China, with the idea of individual and specific needs of all companies that want to import from China with total security and confidence, ranging from the inspection of samples to the inspection at the end of the production.

One of the key aspects in quality control are technical inspections, which determine if samples meet the appropriate technical requirements to be considered as suitable products. The following most important is the inspection in the start of production, with the main objective of ensuring that the Chinese manufacturer meets the requirements previously established in relation to the quality of the raw materials and components used.

On the other hand, it is important that your company’s quality control complies with these requirements:

  • The company must have the qualifications and certifications necessary to carry out the inspection with success.
  • They must be able to identify problems and provide solutions.
  • They must have contacts, know and have compared many production processes and make sure that there are no defective products.
  • They must monitor the container load.
  • They must show you they are reliable and transparent.