This hardware manufactured in high resistance PVC, with a high quality anodized aluminum foil, has as main objective prevent dirt from under furniture, at the same time that provides a modern and avant-garde aesthetic to the global set of kitchen furniture. 

PVC-Aluminum Silver Washboard, also known as plinth panel and bottom baffle. This hardware belongs to the category of aluminum profiles. This hardware for furniture is available in 2 different finishes: aluminum silver and aluminum with stainless steel effect.

It is supplied in different heights, to adapt it perfectly to the size desired. The washboard has a soft rubber at the bottom to seal in the floor, avoiding dirt or moisture can contact with the bottom of the cabinet, by forming an almost impenetrable barrier.

This rubber also helps compensate for any imbalances which may have the floor in which the kitchen cabinet is installed. For our aluminum washboard we have nooks and corners in the same colors and also a flexible piece that allows us to connect sockets on the angles we want.

Usual presentation: Aluminum washboard in boxes of 10 bars, each bar measures 4 meters. Flexible hardware is also available, which allows to put together in the angles we want the PVC washboard of high strength with anodized aluminum foil. The multi-angle union for PVC-aluminum washboard, also known as adjustable union, adjustable nook and multi-angle corner.

This hardware belongs to the category of aluminum profiles, and has as mission to put together different parts of washboards, to adapt to the different angles in which a kitchen cabinet can be manufactured. It is supplied in different heights, to be able to adapt perfectly to the size desired.