The UNIKO System developed by IBMH

The UNIKO System developed by IBMH consists of a set of exclusive, Nordic-inspired pieces with a touch of industrial style. This system offers real solutions to interior design projects in the 21stcentury:

  • Smaller area
  • Multi-purpose rooms
  • Open, diaphanous spaces
  • Need for lots of storage space

The UNIKO System developed by IBMH allows you to create unique shelves which, despite being originally designed for the kitchen, can be used in any room. This system creates open storage spaces. Its designs, anchored to the wall, can adapt to the needs of each home.

Today, modular systems with shelves dominate interior design projects worldwide. The UNIKO System developed by IBMH offers a multifunctional space that is simple and easy to access. It contributes to the creation of open, uncluttered spaces in line with trends in interior design.

The secret of the UNIKO System

IBMH, in collaboration with several Chinese manufacturers, has developed a complete system of versatile and modular shelves. Now, cabinet and kitchen designers have new and better opportunities to stand out from the competition.

We have managed to develop a complete line of profiles and accessoriesthat satisfy market requirements and client demands. The profiles allow for infinite construction possibilities and can be used in different settings. This system isn’t just for the kitchen, dining room or living room. It has evolved in such a way that it adds a special touch to other rooms, such as closets, bathrooms or bedrooms.

Its secret: the perfect combination of versatility, functionality, storage capacity and industrial design.

Technical features of the UNIKO System developed by IBMH

At IBMH, we have developed a range of standard products that offers:

  • Up to five different frame heights
  • Up to a maximum size of 2100 mm

It has up to three different depths available:

  • The 20 cm, for example, is suitable for use as a solution in some types of kitchens.
  • The classic 32 cm is ideal as a bookshelf or for storing files, although it can also be used in the kitchen.
  • As for the 52 cm, it’s perfect for a home’s living room, family room or den.

Diverse possibilities with the UNIKO System

 Living room

  • The UNIKO System is versatile and flexible in its most conventional applications, but it also brings a fresh, innovative look when you want to break away from the ordinary. It was created according to the fundamentals of Nordic style and applying our own concept of interior design. With UNIKO, you’ll have a TV stand or display cabinet or library or whatever you decide. In any case, it will always contribute to the storage and organization of the living room.

Work spaces

  • Nowadays, with telecommuting more and more common in companies, having a work space at home is essential. But it’s also essential to create study areas for younger family members, thereby creating multi-function rooms. The UNIKO System developed by IBMH allows you to set up numerous configurations in which you can integrate desks, study nooks, work benches, etc.


  • Organizing, categorizing, sorting and storing in an orderly fashion is absolutely possible with our UNIKO System. Clothing, shoes and accessories will always be accessible, visible and in their proper place.


The UNIKO System developed by IBMH


  • The Scandinavian style is dominating the latest generations. Having open spaces where everyone participates in everything is increasingly important. The kitchen isn’t just the place where meals are prepared anymore. Now, it’s become a meeting place. Because of this, the UNIKO System developed by IBMH is perfect as an element that is equal parts practical and decorative.


  • With the UNIKO System, you can configure a shelving unit that helps you organize your bedroom with personality, but without interfering with the overall décor. Having a vanity or a small library are very popular functions among the general public.

Points of sale

  • The UNIKO System is perfect to display any sort of item. Its clean, contemporary lines give the piece beauty without stealing the show. It’s possible to create a unique sales line designed for special products. In fact, the option to choose from different finishes is another one of its keys to success.

The UNIKO System developed by IBMH


The UNIKO System developed by IBMH is an excellent opportunity for sales and growth. In it, we have combined all of our experience and knowledge of international markets. We’re sure it will become your star product. Contact us before someone else gets a head start!